400cc Breast Implants- Too Big or Too Small for You?

If you are planning to undergo a breast implant surgery with 400cc breast implants, the foremost question in your mind might be the way it will affect your cup size. Is it likely that a 400cc breast implant cup size might be too big for you or will it turn out to be inadequate? Well, the answer to this question is that on an average, this kind of a breast implant has the potential to increase your breast size from an A cup to a full C cup after the surgery. So, whatever your cup size is now, you can do the math and get a fairly realistic idea of what to expect after a 400cc breast implant.

400cc Breast ImplantsOf course, if you are looking for a completely accurate idea, then consulting a breast augmentation surgeon might be better.  A surgeon will also tell you that the above-mentioned estimate might be affected by other factors like the placement of the breast implant above or below your muscle, your breast implant profile etc. Generally, the medical view is that a low profile 400 cc breast implant is best suited for women with wide breasts (who normally have a band size of 36 or 38 inches) while a high profile breast implant works best for women with lower width breasts.

Glancing through 400cc breast implant ‘before and after photographs’ will also give you a general idea of the change in cup size but then you should be aware that some of the pictures are not entirely reliable. 

400cc breast implants- silicone or saline?

Whether you need to opt for a silicone or a saline 400 cc breast implant is a moot point. Some doctors prefer silicone implants as their texture closely resembles breast tissue and so might have a more authentic look and feel. The downside to a 400 cc silicone breast implant is that any rupture in the implant might go undetected whereas in a saline implant, the breast size is deflated and so you immediately realize what has happened. With a silicone implant, you will have to go for a MRI procedure to detect ruptures.  Another plus point with saline 400 cc breast implants is that they are cheaper and require smaller incisions as compared to a silicone breast implant. Finally, a good way to decide which implant works best for you can be taken by consulting your surgeon.

400cc breast implants- Above or under the muscle?

400cc breast implants under the muscle are recommended by many doctors as the implants do not harden over time and also show less rippling. Your existing breast tissues can also be better maintained when the implants are under the muscle. In addition, under muscle 400cc breast implants do not pose any problems when you go for mammograms unlike implants that are above the muscle. The best part is that the upper area of your breast region will have a more natural and soft curve and hence look more attractive. Of course, under certain circumstances a surgeon might advise implants above the muscle but generally, implants under the muscle are advisable.

 Opting for 400cc breast implants – Some Final Thoughts

 Even though you might think that 400cc breast implants are the right ones for you, let your surgeon have the final word here. After all, a medical professional is the correct person to decide whether this implant would complement your over-all anatomy. To eliminate the risks associated with speculation, your surgeon can also make use of sterile disposable implant sizers when operating on you. Based on the implant size that looks best on you, he/she can take a informed decision about the suitability of 400cc breast implants for your body type and by doing so ensure your happiness as well.