Affordable Liposuction- A Lure for the Ignorant?

The very term ‘affordable liposuction’ is tempting to people who have been visualizing beautiful images of a toned and beautiful body but have been prevented from undergoing a liposuction because of the prohibitive prices attached to it. Most people are on the constant look-out for liposuction procedures that guarantee a beautiful body without burning a significant hole in their purses. But does such a thing as ‘affordable liposuction’ really exist?

Factors That Determine an Affordable Liposuction

affordable liposuctionThe most important factors that influence the cost of any liposuction and determine whether it is an affordable liposuction or not are the skill of the surgeon, time and effort required for the surgery, the size of the patient, cost of compression garments, hospital facility fees, laboratory fees, charges for anesthesia etc.

This means that if a person who weighs more than 85 kilograms opts for an abdomen liposuction, she will have to spend more than a person who weighs around 65 kilos. Similarly, if you are targeting only one specific area, you will spend less as compared to having liposuction done on two or three areas in the body. Affordable liposuction is usually not possible for people who tend to have huge fluctuations in their weight. This is also the case for people who have undergone a similar liposuction procedure at an earlier point in time.

In addition, affordable liposuction is also dependent on the geographical location that the patient chooses for the procedure. So, if you undergo liposuction in an area where labor costs and rent costs are high, the cost of the liposuction will also be high.

Affordable Liposuction – Inversely Proportional to the Surgeon’s Skill

The deciding factors in an affordable liposuction are the skill, training and experience of the surgeon. In fact, this is such a crucial factor that all other yardsticks take a backseat. What does this precisely mean? What this really means is that if you are opting for a board-certified plastic surgeon, affordable liposuction will be a distant dream as the cost will be much higher with such a surgeon. And why is this so? Simply because board-certified plastic surgeons have a minimum surgical training of five years after they finish their studies.

Is this a really important factor? Most definitely, yes. After all, the difference between a horrible liposuction and a great one is not the technology or the type of instruments that are used, but the skill and discretion of the surgeon. Many people harbor the wrong impression that liposuction is all about the methodology-namely injecting the tumescent fluid, sucking out excess fat etc. Hence, affordable liposuction should not be too much of a problem.  However, only a skilled surgeon knows the importance of adequate planning, the correct instrumentation to be used for a patient on the basis of exhaustive patient evaluation, the type of anesthesia care to be employed, how the patient has to be taken care of after the surgery etc.

All these factors do escalate the cost of a liposuction, but they also guarantee safety and satisfactory results after the liposuction.

Is Affordable Liposuction Worth the Danger Involved?

Surgeons who do not enjoy a good reputation or are desperately looking for work may try to lure you with promises of affordable liposuction, but the results might not be anything like you imagined. In fact, if the initial liposuction is a complete failure and you suffer from horrible consequences like an incomplete liposuction, excessive liposuction, unsightly scarring or uneven contouring, you might end up spending much more to rectify the problems that you face as a consequence of the botched-up liposuction. Its better to also be aware of the dangers of liposuction and taking a call, rather than simply going after low prices.

This means that more than hankering after an affordable liposuction; you should restrict your liposuction ventures to one or two areas in your body which will make it much more affordable. Certain countries like India offer high quality but affordable liposuction, so if you are not averse to the idea of traveling abroad, you could also consider this idea.

Finally, you could avail loans or financing from private finance companies to manage the expenses incurred during a liposuction. Remember; always opt for a quality liposuction rather than harming your body by obsessing with the idea of a dubious yet affordable liposuction.