Alternatives to botox and what works best

Those who are bored of those skin pricking injections are now seeking new alternatives to Botox injections. For those who became resistant to Botox injections here are some of the new methods which made it big in the media who renders the same effect as that of the Botox. The recent development is the administration of radiofrequencies on the frown region. This causes the muscles to relax and weaken the motor nerves that are responsible for frowning in the forehead. This procedure is called as relaxed expressions. But the effects of retaining the reduction in frowning of muscles are not known clearly.

Alternatives to botox

Why do we need an alternative for botox? Botox is a neurotoxin which can cause severe effects in the nervous system and also responsible for botulism. If the toxin is injected in excess it can produce severe complications in the nervous system by preventing the release of neurotransmitters. That is the reason why botox treatment is not suggested for patients who is suffering from nervous disorders. Pregnant women are also advised not to undergo this treatment to avoid the risk of transferring this toxin to the unborn child and thus consider other alternatives to botox. Let us discuss some of the alternative treatment methods to botox,

Face lift: Another method is the face lift method where the doctor administer local anesthesia, he makes a small incision to trim the extra muscles. This acts as a permanent cure to the frowning of muscles. The doctor who does this must be an expert to determine the right part to be removed so as not to affect the original figure of the patient. This has some effects like decrease in sensation and may take disfigured shape to the face. This procedure needs extensive care while administering in patients.

Botulinum Toxin Type B: As most of the people are immune towards Botox injections, researchers are fully aware of such situation. They found an alternative in the name Botulinum toxin. Although it is not approved by the medical agencies but it is sold as off label alternative. Though it has not been proved of cosmetic use but it is being widely used by the people who are resistant towards Botox.

Alternative Cream: Anti ageing cream also among known alternatives to botox, comes handy in the form of tubes which can be applied on the face for wrinkle reduction. The cream costs much lesser compared to the Botox injections and it also eliminates the pain of injecting every time. These creams provide excellent results with wrinkle reduction within 15 seconds. It remains only for a single day, so it is necessary to use it daily for better results.

Laser and Acupuncture: Finally laser and facial acupuncture may sound as good alternatives to Botox injection. Though laser treatment may be expensive, it heats the skin and removes the outer dead cells and reveals the healthy inner skin. Facial acupuncture using needles in the face for removing wrinkles. One major advantage is it not only removes the frowns but also improves the blood circulation and makes the skin to glow. It is actually not painful while using needles in the face.

Protox is also among the best alternatives to Botox injection, since the gel can be applied on the face. This gel provides hydration to the skin and prevents the wrinkles to be formed and provides glow to the face. These are among the known alternatives to botox that can be considered after proper consultation with the doctors and plastic suregons.