An Overview of Rhinoplasty Risks, Costs and Types

Rhinoplasty – Introduction

Most of us may be wondering what is rhinoplasty, under what circumstances and why is it necessitated, and will there be any complications in general. In fact, rhinoplasty is a medical procedure for nose problems. The simplicity or complexity varies depending upon the kind of procedure to be performed to correct the nose problem. Mostly, specialized surgeons in rhinoplasty do such kind of operations throughout the world. The world witnessed the first-ever rhinoplasty talent from India. The roots of present-day rhinoplasty lie in Ayurveda medication subject that took birth in India. An Indian Ayurvedic physician called Sushruta of 800BC had invented this kind of plastic surgery.


Rhinoplasty – progress

After the rhinoplasty started taking roots in India, it gradually spread to all the countries and assumed greater importance as new technologies and latest methods are added day by day and things like the deviated septum surgery are common knowledge to many of us today. Using rhinoplasty, the medical experts may reshape the nose, correct the nose functions, and eliminate defects or obstructions to respirations existing in the nose. Rhinoplasty is applied when the people require a part or total restructuring of nose shape, restoration of nasal functions that are lost due to some problems or absent due to genetic issues, correction of breath-related impediments, reshaping of nose bones, and plastic surgery. Though there are several popular methods and procedures in rhinoplasty, the present-day knowledge is most based on three techniques: 

  • Open rhinoplasty procedure
  • Closed rhinoplasty procedure
  • Rhinoplasty Nasal implants

 Using these methods, the plastic surgeons are making wonders. Today, we are able to change the shape of entire nose or a part of it depending upon the requirement. In case if we are dissatisfied with the size or shape of nostrils, they can be modified too.

In most cases, surgeons have not only successfully changed the nose tip, bridge of the nose with a nose job but also the nose angle. While there are cases of plastic surgery gone wrong the overall results before and after nose jobs satisfaction results have been very positive. Rhinoplasty comes as a great gift for those who are faced with a nose accident or who have nose defects by birth, or who already have or have developed breathing problems in course of time. The times of only film stars and renowned personalities seeking rhinoplasty have gone. These days, all communities are looking forward to get handsome and beautiful, and correct their faces and problems and its is easy to note a visibile difference thru rhinoplasty before and after the surgery.

Under the Open Rhinoplasty Procedure, the surgeon makes an incision over the cartilage separating the nostrils. By doing this incision, the plastic surgeon views the cartilage and implements the surgery to shape up the nose as required. Under the Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure, surgeons generally make incisions inside the nose and shape up the cartilage after smoothly taking it out. Unlike the Open Rhinoplasty Procedure, we cannot find even one scar on the nose after the surgery. Those who want to have a modified but natural nose should opt for Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure. 

Rhinoplasty – conclusion

There is growing demands for nasal implants throughout the world. By making nasal implants the nose can be designed in a great shape and size. Nasal implants are done depending upon the person-to-person requirements. There are medical equipment companies manufacturing nasal implants with silicone and gortex materials. The silicone and gortex material will allow easy modifications or shaping thus leading to fantastic look of the nose! Rhinoplasty has no major complications and it has thus carved out a niche for itself in international markets among other cosmetic surgery procedures like breast implants, tummy tucks, liposuction, etc.