Ankle Liposuction Can Help You Get Back On Your Feet!

Ankle Liposuction is a comparatively rare liposuction procedure as many people do not opt for it. The reasons behind choosing this liposuction could be medical as well as cosmetic. Medical reasons for ankle liposuction arise when a person is afflicted by cankles. What happens here is that the point where the ankle joins the calf muscles appears unnaturally large. This, at times, is also because of excess weight or heredity. Whatever the reason, it is a very uncomfortable situation and causes a lot of problems for the patient. However, the good news is that ankle liposuction is a very feasible option for people who face this problem.  

How Ankle Liposuction is Done

Ankle liposuctionAnkle liposuction can only be done when the patient has been administered  general anesthesia. Small incisions are made on each ankle after which a thin tube called a micro-cannula is inserted under the skin to draw out the excess fat cells. The other end of the cannula is fixed to a contraption that sucks out the fat cells. During the procedure, the surgeon also makes minute holes measuring 1.0 to 1.55 in diameter around the ankle area. This helps in draining excess liquid that forms in the area because of the ankle liposuction procedure.

As the ankle liposuction procedure requires a lot of expertise, it is recommended that the services of a certified plastic surgeon be made use of rather than a doctor who is relatively inexperienced. Along with this, it is also important to have an accurate idea about the advantages of this procedure and also any probable risks that might be attached to it.

Factors to be considered before Undergoing Ankle liposuction

If you are a person who smokes, it is advisable to refrain from doing so at least a couple of weeks before the ankle liposuction procedure to minimize the chances of shock or blood clots when anesthesia is administered. It is also important to have plenty of water before this procedure as fluids are usually drained from your body after ankle liposuction. Most importantly, an ultrasound of the ankle is crucial as this will help the doctor gain a better understanding of the exact position where the fat deposits are located.

Problems Associated with Ankle Liposuction

Ankle liposuction is more likely to leave scars than other types of liposuction on the body, so it is better to discuss this issue thoroughly with your surgeon prior to the procedure. Again, as the fat deposits in the ankle area is minimal compared to other areas in the body, chances of damage to muscle tissue or nerves are higher. If too much fat is removed from one side of the ankle, the end result might seem lop-sided and unwieldy and further procedures will have to be undertaken in order to rectify it. The only way to avoid these problems while undergoing an ankle liposuction is to make sure that you have a very competent and skilled surgeon with excellent references.

Even with a skilled surgeon, you need to be aware of the after-effects of ankle liposuction. Generally, most patients have difficulty in moving around after the procedure. Along with this, swelling, pain and discomfort can also be expected. There is no need to worry about these as these will subside some days after the liposuction. Compression garments can be very useful and they also ensure that the tissues are repaired in the proper manner. One thing that you need to be very careful about after liposuction is drainage. If drainage of excess fluid from the area is not done correctly, it can lead to infections which can be very cumbersome. However, the good news is that detailed discussion of these topics with the surgeon should lead to more clarity and alleviate the risks associated with ankle liposuction.

Is Ankle liposuction Costly?

Since ankle liposuction incorporates techniques that are very sophisticated, the procedure also costs more than other types of liposuction. You can expect a range between $2600 and $5200 depending on the complications of the procedure and the experience and skill of the surgeon. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to liposuction of the ankle. But rest assured, a well done ankle liposuction is worth the cost and you will have beautiful ankles that you can flaunt to your heart’s content.