Botox before and after – are you upto it?

Botox before and after awareness is the first step to pursuing this form of plastic surgery. Botox is a protein derivative which is used in several aesthetic and health procedures. It is actually the trade name of botulinum toxin A. The type of applications for which this toxin is used now has made it so popular all over the world. The number of individuals undergoing this surgery technique increases exponentially every year.

Botox before and after – How Botox works:

First we need to extract the toxin to use in the cosmetic surgery. Food poisoning in an unprocessed meat can help in extracting this botulinum toxin. The concentration of the toxin extracted will be very high and if it is injected in the human body it can cause botulism which is highly dangerous. To reduce the toxic nature it should be diluted to some extent which is enough for the skin to paralyze without causing botulism. The final product after dilution will be the liquid neurotoxin which can be used for medicinal and cosmetic surgeries. This in essence drives results in a botox before and after evaluation process.

Generally wrinkles and age spots in the face appears due to the contraction of the muscles. Stopping the chemical substance responsible for muscle contraction will help in stopping the wrinkles. This is actually done with the help of botox. Immediately after we inject, the toxin paralyses the facial muscles or generally muscles.  It is directly applied into the tissues and outcome will be visible after a week’s time.

Botox before and after – how to extend the effect of botox:

This is a temporary solution and we can hide these wrinkles for three months to six months. This varies from person to person, also based on the severity and the type of skin in which it is performed. This period can be extended by repeating the procedure after a particular time period usually 3 to 6 months specified by the qualified surgeon. Sometimes a zinc supplement called zytate is used after botox surgery procedure to extend this time period. Botox before and after evaluations can help understand how effective changes due to these treatments can be in each individuals case.

Benefits of using botox:

The most important thing to be appreciated about botox is it is a non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedure. So the risks involved in doing a surgical cosmetic procedure can be avoided greatly. Next benefit to be considered is the recovery process which is very simple since it involves not surgery. It involves no pain, no secondary cosmetic treatments for removing scars and no bed rest compared to surgical procedures. Treating wrinkles is not the only application associated with botox. It is also used to treat underarm sweating which is very popular among models and celebrities all over the world. Apart from cosmetic purposes it is also used to treat prolonged migraine headaches caused due to several reasons. This treatment procedure is officially accepted by FDA and has already become very practical. Botox before and after assessment can help decide the future sessions and treatment required.

Botox Cost is the next factor to be considered. It is very affordable and anyone can do this surgery because the cost ranges a minimum of $200 to $400. When we do a facelift or other surgical procedures we spend a lot but the result is not guaranteed. Sometimes that may lead to secondary surgical procedures which is costly and has very high side effects as well. There is a limit to use this toxin inside the body. If it exceeds the limit, then the body will start showing some symptoms which are actually the side effects. The most common side effects in using botox are headache, respiratory dysfunctions, facial pain, nausea, drooping eye lid and flu like symptoms. Botox before and after assessments help in understanding and treating these side effects effectively.