Botox plastic surgery for maximum effect

One of the greatest and unbelievable treatment method ever developed in plastic surgery is the botox plastic surgery technique. The Botox weakens the muscles where it is administered to remove the wrinkles and lines in the face. The botolinum is a toxic substance so it requires an experienced surgeon to administer it on the patients. The Botox treatment may last for 3 to 6 months .Some people might become immune to the Botox treatment by the continuous administering of the Botox.

Evolution of Botox: The Botox was initially used for reducing the hyper activity of the eye muscles. Once injected it causes relaxing of the muscles. Later over the time some found that it also reduced the wrinkles near the eye lids and came to be known as the botox plastic surgery technique. Thus the properties of Botox were fully discovered and it became the standard cosmetic treatment all over the world. Even now, extensive research is being done to identify the entire medical benefits of Botox.

Areas to be injected: Under the botox plastic surgery technique, the Botox injection is usually injected in the forehead, the space between the eyebrows and the lines preset near the eyes and the vertical lines near the lips. However the procedure should be performed only by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The amount of Botox required at each area differs and it can be determined by the experienced medical practitioners alone. The Botox injection will soften the lips without creating much change in the facial expression and makes you feel younger.

Other uses: Botox has the property of weakening the muscles so it can be used to reduce the hyper activity of sweat glands, muscular spasms, nerve problems and vocal chords problems can be rectified using Botox injection. In case of presence of excess muscles, Botox must be administered directly on the muscles to weaken them. By the continuous use the muscles will become smaller in size thus restoring normalcy. Other treatments include botox injections for chronic migraine headache which is approved by FDA itself.

Botox plastic surgery – Precise administration of Botox:

The face has to be examined before injecting with Botox. Under the skin there is fatty layer that is smooth and below that there is tough layer of skin called periostium. Injecting the needle below the soft layer is easy but below the tough layer requires experienced doctors to handle. Injecting them directly in head will not affect the skull or brain. So it is necessary to identify the marks where it has to be administered to reap the right kind of benefits.

Side effects: Side effects after using Botox injections are less and in some cases we can find no side effects at all. Even if it appears it is considered a temporary one and the common feedback received is the presence of head ache caused because of injecting the Botox using needles. But this will go of in matter of minutes. Those who have undergone extensive Botox treatment mention about the pain that remains in the face caused by the injection of Botox, even those pain seems to be vanishing in a day or two. There is no recovery period for Botox under the botox plastic surgery treatment and the patients can go home as soon the treatment is over. This is not advised to persons having nervous disorders and other related problems since it involves neurotoxin which can affect the nervous system. Also pregnant women should avoid this treatment to stop the risk of transferring it to the unborn baby. Else the botox plastic surgery treatment could have negative results.