Breast Augmentation – known and unknown?

Different types of breast augmentation surgeries 

In this modern world everyone wants to dress which should be attracted by others. The use of cosmetics and the hours spent on choosing an apt costume is to impress others. Girls want their body to be exposed in an attractive manner for which breasts are no exception. Nowadays to make their breasts to be fit in a sexy manner plastic surgeries are being performed. A variety of breast surgery options are available for small, disfigured, asymmetric breasts with breast implant insertions. There are enough choices for breast surgery and these are increasing with technology imrovements.

Breast augmentation using breast implants

This is a several week process from initial consultation to post surgical recovery. This process needs close combreast augmentationmunication between the patient and doctor. Before placing the breast implant decision on type, size of the implant and its location place of incision to be noted. Saline breast implants and silicon breast implants are the two popular types of implants used by surgeons these days. Though it is two to three hours of surgery, patient will be in drowsy state for about 48 hours. Also lingering side effects for a couple of weeks are month also possible which could be dealt with experienced surgeons. 

Breast lift for breast augmentation

This is the method where the skin and surrounding tissues of the breast are lifted in order to improve breast shapes. This is done for drooping breasts happens on ageing of a women when skin elasticity diminishes and breadth tend to sag and lose their shape.
Breast lift restores the firmness of the breast and also it helps to acquire the good shape to the breasts. To treat issues related to size of the breasts, breast lift surgery is usually combined with breast augmentation which is considered a popular cosmetic surgery technique. 

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery also known as reduction mammaplasty is a method where skin removal and unwanted breast tissue removal is carried out. unlike breast augmentation, thsi is actually to reduce teh size of the breasts. This is done particularly by women with large breasts and bad symmetry. Larger breasts can lead to pain in back and neck; sagging problems even for younger women and affects the overall posture. Liposuction method is also performed similarly as breast reduction to reduce the excess fat and skin in the breasts. This process helps in reducing the size of breasts to an apt and attractive one. 

Breast reconstruction for breast augmentation

While it forms a part of breast augmentation surgery, this method helps a lot for those suffered in breast cancer. Here the implant or muscle/tissue whichever applicable is transferred to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy. Mastectomy is the process of removal of breast for treatment of a patient affected by breast cancer. Sometimes a patient may experience problem in only one breast. In such cases after performing reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation or breast lift should be done on other breast to achieve the right proportion.

Breast augmentation side effects

Though breast implant was successful, this may affect feeding. The patient needs to consult a doctor to analyze the situation before the implant surgery could affect breast feeding in women. Mammography can compress the breast which is considered an indication that the breasts may experience rupture. Mammography, loss of sensation, capsular contracture, double bubble, leaking or leaching of breast implant material, rupture, clotting, formation of scar tissues, cysts, tumors, non detection of breast cancer are few other risks. To avoid these complications especially with breast augmentation procedures, patients must have mandatory periodic checkups from a skilled cosmetic surgeon.