Breast Augmentation Size- How to Find Your Perfect Breast Size

If you have decided to go in for breast implants to attain the kind of body you have always fantasized about, make sure that the breast augmentation size you choose is the optimal one for you. Most women are assailed by doubts as to whether they should go with a breast augmentation size c, d, and so on. In fact, statistics show that the wrong choice often forces women to undergo revision surgeries which can be exhausting and cumbersome.

breast augmentation size  The tricky part here is that the same implant can create different looks in different women. So, if you and your friend have both decided to opt for the same breast augmentation size, there is a strong chance that she may appear to have a “C” cup after the procedure while you may appear to have a “B” cup. In other words, there is no breast augmentation size calculator that will produce uniform results on all aspiring candidates.

Breast Augmentation Size Tips

If you want the best results, then you have to do some analysis before you even approach a surgeon. So what exactly should such a breast augmentation size analysis entail? Well, you can begin by examining yourself in the mirror and taking pictures of yourself. After this, search on the web and find pictures of other women whose chest cage and breasts resembled yours before they went in for implants. Check out their post- operative pictures and select the ones that appeal the most to you. This is a definite starting point.

Basic research like this on breast augmentation size helps to a large extent in eliminating the chances of re-operations. Also, you need to have an understanding that what is too large for you might seem small to others. So, when you set out to choose the right size, begin with an open mind and explore different possibilities of what might look good on you within permissible limits.

Medical Factors that Influence Breast Augmentation Size

After your preferences have been factored into the ideal breast augmentation size for you, the surgeon will take into account the medical considerations that play a crucial role in determining the size. Generally the base width of the breast, the current breast shape and size, the type of implant being used (Some people go in for contoured breast implants while others prefer round ones. Similarly some doctors prescribe silicone gel implants for certain patients while others recommend saline implants.), amount of droopiness in the breasts, chest size and hip size of the patient, waist and height etc. all need to be considered before opting for any particular breast augmentation size.

The reason a surgeon pays a lot of attention to these is so that the final results are satisfactory to the patient. After all, do you want to your breasts protruding unnaturally afterwards, due to the breast augmentation size being incongruous? Do you want unflattering attention in the area of your chest and have people wondering why there is something wrong with your body? Most Definitely No! No wonder that surgeons have to be extra careful when going in for such a procedure. 

Breast Augmentation Size and 3D Computer Imaging

Advances in technology help us to determine breast augmentation size far more precisely than before. 3D Computer imaging is one such method that is increasingly being favored by many surgeons. This is a breast augmentation size simulator that helps create a three dimensional image of the patient’s breasts. Once the image is ready, different sized implants can be super-imposed on it to get an accurate feel of the “final look” that the operation will produce with different sized implants, thus aiding in making the right choice for the candidate.

The most important part here is for you as a woman to feel confident and comfortable about your choice of the implant size. So, you can either opt for one or all the methods mentioned here that make you feel in control when choosing a breast augmentation size that is just perfect for you.