Breast lift with implants – combining the benefits

Breast lift with implants involves a procedure that aims at raising drooping or sagging breasts and to also make the breasts look bigger in size. This is done using scientifically based processes like breast augmentation and mastopexy.Breast lift with implants

Breast lift with implants – a combined process

In the case of a breast lift with augmentation, it also helps the patients to have firm and tight looking breasts for quite a few years. The implants that are inserted actually aid in preserving the shape and size and the posture of the breasts and also to maintain the skin tissues better so that they are not found sagging or drooping after sometime.

In the case of breast implants, it is important that during the breast lift procedure, the enhancement of the existing breasts as well as the implants are considered together so that the lifting and the size definition are done at the same time. Therefore, breast lift with implants will help make the results sustain for a longer period of time. Having said that, there are many cases of ‘breast lift with implants gone wrong’, primarily due to bad decisions.

Factors influencing breast lift with implants

There are quite a few factors that play significant roles in retaining the posture of your breasts. Drooping or sagging of the breasts is actually caused by either the large size of implants or sagging skin or both. Further, circumstances like pregnancy and weight loss also have a major role to play in deciding the position and the state of the breasts. These are aspects that one needs to consider well in advance while deciding to opt for a breast lift with implants or just a breast implant procedure. Also one has to note the fact that all of the above factors come into play together, and so does gravity, in deciding the position of the beasts and how they sustain over a period of time after the actual surgery is conducted.

Breast lift with implants – understanding side effects and risks

Also note that like with any other surgery, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery also comes with its share of some side-effects and risks. So it is very important to understand all of these points together and gather necessary information about what preparation one needs to make and also what complications and side effects can be expected due to such surgical procedure.

One of the known side effects from breast implants and breast lift procedure is scarring and infection. These seem to be the most common among them and also nipple numbness, implant deflation, crippling and capsular contracture are some of the other side effects that are seen with breast lift and breast implant procedures.

In any case, going for a breast augmentation surgery and especially the ones that involve implants should be considered after thorough investigation and consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, else there can be cases where the size of the breast implant is not proper considering the weight of the person and the final result might be sagging breasts despite the surgical procedure. Larger breasts or rather larger size of the implants can cause such a situation, if not considered properly by the cosmetic surgeon.

That being said, it is critical to consult the cosmetic surgeon and clear up all doubts before going in for any cosmetic surgery process, be it breast augmentation, liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery procedure on any part of your body. One must be aware that while the original intention is to make the body look better and more beautiful than it was before, the above-mentioned factors can play negatively and complications and side effects may result in one not having the body that they originally intended to. In such cases the objective of opting for surgeries like breast lift with implants becomes useless and in some cases, irreversible, not to mention the high cost incurred.