Can liquid liposuction really remove your fat cells

Liquid liposuction technique – Highlights

  • Liquid liposuction technique has patients getting back to work the next couple of days
  • It is safer and much more effective technique
  • This is mainly used for body contouring and targeted at stubborn area that do not respond to exercise
  • Results are achieved in about 4-6 weeks and is much quicker than traditional lipo
  • This is body sculpting at its most precise – patients look convinced about the results
  • It’s a much gentler technique than the traditional one – the brutal process of liposuction in made easy through liquid lipo
  • The fat cells are permanently removed but the traditional process would show scars

liquid liposuction

  • While it is the same concept Liquid liposuction differs from its traditional cousin by the introduction of a fine jet of water rather than the surgeons brute force to break up the fat cells before it is extracted
  •  Liquid liposuction is much gentler on the tissues so faster recovery
  • Less bruising and less pain
  • The price tag is around $4,000 to $6,000


 Liquid Liposuction in action

 The video below shows how Liquid liposuction produces faster results that stay longer.

Liquid liposuction – can it remove fat cells permanently?

While the fat cells are permanently removed, it becomes difficult to get fat in that area although it is not impossible. People need to understand that liquid liposuction is not a weight reduction program but is mainly intended at body contouring.