Case study for Liposuction – Before and After

Below is the case study of a typical patient going for liposuction. This is from a video from Infini Cosmetic Associates where Dr. Hall is performing the Liposuction:

Liposuction patient Case in detail:

Hi my name is Kelli. I’m having lipo today and I’m just finishing up a few things for work before I head off to go have my surgery. I work out four or five times a week with weights and cardio.  I eat well.  There’s just nothing I can do to get rid of these problem areas due to my lovely genetics.  I’m still a little nervous, but I’m pretty excited to see what the results are going to be like and how amazing my body is going to be afterwards.  I’m off to go have my surgery now.

Dr. Hall explaining the procedure at the hospital:

The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to stand you up.  We’re going to look very carefully and go over the areas again that … your areas of concern. Then we’re going to snap a few photos.  Then I’m going to draw on you very carefully the outline of exactly what we’re going to do.  Okay?

Go ahead and put your hands over your head.  We’re going to take four different views.  Now turn and face that way, please. Good.  Now face the blue.  And face the other side. Okay.  We’re going to draw very carefully on the areas that we’re going to use liposuction today.  One of the first areas that we’re going to do is the abdomen. These are where I’m going to put the little incisions.  It’ll be five little incision marks right there.  This is just what we call a topographical map, showing the high points so that it guides us during liposuction surgery.  Okay, and let’s have you turn all the way around.  Good.  For you, yeah, you have such a tiny waistline up here.  Once we take away this, it’s going to really bring your body back into proportion like we talked about. In medical terms, this is what we call the waist/hips all this up here, and then this is this is the outer thigh.  People call it different things, flanks, but this is what we really go after.

The thing I like to do first is to outline the buttocks….where we want the buttocks to be, which is right here.  This is where the buttocks should be.  Then finally, the outer thigh.  There’ll be three little incisions on each outer thigh, one, two and three.

During the surgery:

We’re going to get started now.  We’re just going to make some, just inject a little bit of Novocain and then make the tiny little holes that we talked about with this little punch. You should barely feel that at all.

With that Dr. Hall goes through the liposuction procedure using the canula and other liposuction apparatus. Watch the video below to get the complete picture.

Results: Three months after her Liposuction surgery

It’s been a little over three months since my surgery and my clothes are fitting so much better.  I’ve gotten compliments on the new, rounder butt that I have.  Everything else has gotten a little bit smaller.  I can really feel my muscle now.  Overall, just a lot happier with the flatter tummy and smaller everywhere else. It’s exciting.  I’m very happy with the results Dr.  Hall gave me.  Everything he did was just really great.