Case study: Rhinoplasty before and after

 Here we have a ‘Rhinoplasty surgery before and after’ case study from Prague by Dr.  Dolezal.


Case details:

Hello, I am Kathryn Mashhadi, I am 23, from West Sussex in England.  I’ve had problem with my nose ever since I was very young. My nose is a little bit big and I don’t like my profile. I don’t mind it front on, but I don’t like it when people see me when I am driving and I hate having photos taken of me so I’ve got hardly any photos of me with my son and my husband. I’d really like that to change. I am not very confident because of my nose. I hope that surgery will just get me more refined nose which will be more in balance with my face and I think it would give me a big boost in self-confidence and I wouldn’t have to worry about it any more.

Pre-op nose job examination and consultation with Dr.  Dolezal:

I think it is a little wide from the front possibly nostrils slightly. The tip needs to be refined. We have to remove the hump as well. Would you like to have more straight nose or a little bit like that? Because I think more natural is to have straight nose without that. Then we have to shorten the nose a little bit. Then we have to do that a little bit smooth so it means that we have to not just to cut the hump but we also have to release the bones at the top to put it together.

What we have to do is to remove the hump here.  We talked about it. So when we remove that, when we do the nose straight like that,or maybe, because you are woman, a little bit like that,but not too much, just a little bit. Then, when you look at that, the nose looks much more longer than before the surgery. The length is still the same, but if you remove this,it looks much more longer, so that’s why we have to shorten that a little bit. We could have the problems, because it could be more flat here,in this area, and also the nose would look more wide than before the surgery. So we definitely have to release also these side bones, nose bones, and to put it more close to the septum to close that here again in this area and to do that a little bit not so wide.

After the nose surgery you will have to put the bandage on the nose,and use the tapes to hold that on the nose and this bandage will be removed in about 14 days. The most important thing is that you have to know that the surgery is just the one part of changing of your nose,because after the surgery the stabilization of the nose takes usually about one year, sometimes longer. That’s why it’s really necessary to do some kind of pressure massage of the nose because if you don’t do that, the shape of the nose could be changed in some time. It’s because there will be lot of scars inside the nose. No scar is visible.  Everything is under the skin, but there are the scars,and the scars could grow.

Massage and exercise after Rhinoplasty:

What to do, how to do the massage,and everything what’s necessary to do after the surgery I will explain you before you leave the clinic. Also we will be in contact by email.  If you need anything you could ask me after that. Just to keep it in your mind that it’s really necessary to do that to have the same shape of the nose after the nose job.

After the operation:

I feel really good after the operation,I am not in any pain, just a bit stuffy still. Yeah, I am really happy.  Hump is gone, nose is smaller, and it’s perfect. So I am really happy with it. Nose is still swollen and it takes a long time to disappear. The massage will be done between the bones and the tip of the nose. It means in this soft part of the nose. You use these three fingers – two from the side and one from the front like that,and you just hold it and press it like that. I do think my life is going to be different because I’m going to have more confidence. I won’t have to worry about my nose anymore. I’m looking forward to my husband sees my new nose, I’m a bit nervous,hopefully he will like it. I think my son will be a bit surprised as he is only two years old, so he might be like: what’s happened to mummy?but I think he will get used to it after a while,and then he will get used to my new face, hopefully.

After a week:

It’s about week after my nose operation. I’m feeling really good, I’m not having any pain at all. I am just a bit banged up.  Other than that I am fine. It’s a lot better than I expected.

You can watch the video here:

After 20 days:

It’s about 20 days after the operation. I’m feeling good, my nose is still a little bit swollen. But I’m really happy with the result.  It’s exactly what I wanted.