Change Your Look with a Chin Neck Liposuction

Why would you need a chin neck liposuction? Well, the chief characteristic of a youthful face is a strongly defined jaw-line.  Many people, however, look fat or prematurely old just because their neck chin area is puffy or overly rounded. What also cannot be denied is that the chin and neck area do appear full when a person has gained weight. In addition, a blurring of the jaw-line is indeed one of the first few tell-tale signs of aging.

Chin Neck Liposuction
Chin Neck Liposuction

So, what does this mean? Simply that a chin neck liposuction could indeed be the answer to your problems! A minor surgery in this area could give you a youthful look and make you feel as if you have reversed the aging process. In other words, the stuff that fantasies are made of, don’t you think?

The Science behind a Chin Neck Liposuction

Understanding the technicalities behind a chin neck liposuction can help you take an informed decision on this procedure. The good aspect of this process is that unlike other liposuctions, only a small amount of incisions are required. To be precise, a quarter inch incision is formed underneath the chin and two incisions of the same size are formed behind the lobule of both ears.

Tumescent fluid is injected into the neck to make the patient feel comfortable and reduce the bruising or bleeding. A cannula, which is a thin hollow tube, is inserted through the incisions and a suction pump is attached to it so that excess fat can be siphoned out of the jaw and neck area during the chin neck liposuction.

Stitches that are dissolvable are used for this procedure and at the completion of the chin neck liposuction, a compression garment is used so that the possibility of fluid retention is reduced and swelling is minimal.

Other Facts that You Need to Know about the Chin Neck Liposuction

Usually, chin neck liposuction is carried out under local anesthesia and the doctor provides very detailed instructions on the precautions to be taken prior to the surgery as well as after the procedure has been completed. Most patients are advised to stop smoking for some time before and after the surgery as well as to discontinue medications that the doctor feels could come in the way of recovery or the actual surgery.

Chin neck liposuction can be carried out either in the hospital or in an outpatient surgery type of facility. After the surgery is over, the patient is taken away to the recovery area and after a small period of rest, advised to move about rather than lie prone on the bed unlike other liposuction alternatives like ultrasonic liposuction or laser liposuction where you need to rest for longer periods. The rationale behind this is that blood circulation improves when the patient can walk around the room and so slight activity is always encouraged by the medical practitioner.

Side effects of a Chin Neck Liposuction

Side effects of the chin neck liposuction will hold maximum sway for the first week. It is at this time that you will be troubled by the swelling and bruising which are quite natural after any liposuction. However, if you have a sedentary office job, getting back to work after a week should pose no problems. After four weeks of the procedure, normal activities can be resumed. Around this time, you can also expect any resultant numbness to disappear and the swelling to minimize to a marked degree.

Even though arriving at complete normality may take months (generally three or four months), you will definitely notice the improved neck shape a few days after the chin neck liposuction.

So, what can one finally say? Well, once you have recovered completely from the after effects of this procedure, you will feel great looking at the mirror and seeing a new ‘you’ everyday. All you need to be careful about is to maintain your weight after the chin neck liposuction so that a well defined jaw- line will be a permanent facet of your external appearance.