Cost of botox and how to reduce it

Cost of botox treatment is relatively cheaper than most other versions of cosmetic surgery. In fact is the cheapest form of corrective cosmetic surgery available. This is due to the fat that the time required for Botox treatment is negligible. Botox is also abundantly available; hence it reduces the cost of the treatment.  Along with this, it hardly has any severe side effects; the few which might occur are rarely visible in patients and can be easily dealt with.

Variation in Cost of Botox

The cost of a Botox treatment varies with the region that is being treated, with the most expensive being the face. Botox treatment is generally used for facial surgeries only, to remove wrinkles from near the eyes or chin etc. It can also be used for facial uplifting, nose jobs, lips perfection etc. the cost varies with the increasing in the intricacies of the treatment. Generally the cost of the treatment lies within $300 to $1000; however the ore complex versions might cost more. Cost of Botox treatment is cheaper outside India, as the facilities available  here are minimal along with the fact that only few doctors specialize in cosmetic surgery in this country.

Factors affecting the Cost of Botox

The cost of a Botox treatment increases with the number of sessions. Patients often pay for a full vial of Botox but might not use it. Generally one vial contains enough Botox for 4-5 sessions, but the dilemma lies in the fact that once the vial is opened, its contents would have to be used within a few hours or else it would be rendered useless. Hence patients are required to pay in full but they utilize only 20%- 25% of the total cost of botox treatment. Surgical fees along with fees of the dermatologist are included into the total cost of botox treatment. However the expense on check u sessions and other medications if required or not counted in the amount charged for the treatment. Hence they act as an extra baggage. Along with this special garments like compressors might also be required which nee to be bought explicitly. In case of side effects, they need to be treated and hence the expense for curing the side-effects also ad up to the cost of botox treatment.

How to reduce the cost of botox treatment?

Patients can team up with other patients and share a vial. Botox treatment takes very little time hence a group of patients can avail the treatment consecutively and thus use up the vial before its contents expires. They can thus share the cost of the vial and reduce the cost of the treatment considerably. Patients must remember to follow the precautions to avoid the side effects and hence the expense to treat them.  The cost of maintenance can be brought down my regular check ups and following the instructions of the doctor. A lot of clinics provide discounts and packages for those who wish to attend multiple Botox treatment sessions. Hence, by taking precautions and corrective measures and also by attempting for the treatment in a group can reduce the cost. However patients are suggested that such group treatments must take place at the clinics only, because the clinics provide a sterile and safe environment for the procedures.

What to avoid?

Patients must avoid taking medications without consulting with the doctor as they might be subjected to severe reactions. They must provide the doctor with their past medical records before the treatment. Heavy exercise just after the treatment is prohibited however patients must indulge in light physical activities and avoid resting too much. Patients must not assert their doctors to perform the treatment at their homes, as this can be infectious for the patient as the environment at home might not be safe enough to perform the surgery. Complications in this case will actually lead to an increase in the overall cost of botox treatment and so one has to be weary of these facts before taking such decisions.