Dicey ads, Innovation – Maintenance is key after Liposuction!


The problem with recent advertisements around cosmetic surgery:

You’ll see companies that will put models who don’t actually have the procedure. They haven’t had the procedure.  They’ve never used it, but they look nice.  And then you kind of subconsciously associate that looks nice with that procedure. The other thing that can happen is they can play tricks with shading and lighting and make-up and the way people look before and after. Notice that the pictures before may be very harsh lighting and accentuate every wrinkle while the pictures after are very flat, Hollywood lighting that’s hiding all the wrinkles.

Sometimes you will have somebody with this sour face and they’re not happy. . . Sad before and happy after. . . . . . and afterwards they’re smiling. You put a little tanning cream on them and they’re good to go right?

Investment and innovations in Cosmetic surgery:

I like the fact that people are investing time and energy and money. . . . . . into liposuction to see how it can be made better. some of the items areas of investment would be:

  1. Speeding up recovery
  2. Decreasing pain
  3. Ability to shrink the skin
  4. Maybe no surgery but just taking a few pills that will do the trick –  Take a pill and wake up the next morning andeverything is all tight and we were defying gravity.
  5. There’s something about that skin that makes it maintain its shape. Why does skin that’s been burned heal differently and skin that’s been cut? And there are different types of cells and why do we have to age at all? This is the big question.

If somebody is considering liposuction what should they first do?

Do they come to you and say look if you have a little weight to lose, do it first? Make sure your health is in order? Run battery of tests?There’s lots of good information on the Internet,sort of general information,but general information applies to the herd.  It doesn’t apply to the individual. So when it comes down to the individual, if it’s something you’re really seriously considering even if you don’t feel like you’re ready for it yet it’s a great time to get the information, see someone who’s qualified…see what’s good, what’s bad, what can help, what can’t help, and it will help you focus. It provides motivation. There are patients who really aren’t good candidates for liposuction. The doctor should spend a little time and talk to them about things that may help them with their lifestyle. They get better. And then they look at liposuction as the goal. It’s like, oh, if I could do this, then I’m going to have liposuction. And then once they’ve had it that’s something to protect.  It’s an investment. So it keeps them motivated.

Maintenance after cosmetic surgery:

Well, conversely, once you’ve had it, have you seen people, then they then they start building up weight again? And does that undo the procedure?

It does happen, but if you are carefully selecting folks, most people will continue to be motivated, and get better and better and what’s really incredible is they’re doing all the work. The surgeon is doing a little bit, getting rid of those areas that are disproportionate but the patient’s really doing most of the work. So maintenance after surgery is key.