Different Types of Breast Implants – Which is the Right One for You?

Choosing the right breast implant from the different types of breast implants available in clinics is a crucial decision that will determine your final look after surgery. Having gone to all the trouble of undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, you do not want to be dissatisfied with the results because you opted for the wrong breast implant. This can be traumatic for you. Hence, the importance of selecting the apt one from the different types of breast implants being used by surgeons currently.

types of breast implants

Now, this choice might turn out to be easier than you think as the types of breast implants that are in vogue can be narrowed down to three, namely silicone, saline and gummy bear breast implants. This means that you do not have to contend with multiple options that will leave you totally confused. All you have to do is to study these three types of breast implants to reach an understanding of what might be more suitable for you.

Types of Breast Implants- Saline Implants

The saline types of breast implants are generally unfilled before the implantation process. After it is placed into the correct position during surgery, the surgeon fills it with sterile saline (salt water). The advantage of doing so is that only small incisions have to be made in your body. Even within saline breast implants, you will find a lot of variety. Hence in a saline breast implant, you can choose between textured ones or smooth shelled ones and if your choice hinges on the shape of the breast implant, you have the option to do so between a tear-dropped shape and a round one.

These are the two shapes and textures that are used widely in the saline type of breast implant. One of the major drawbacks of the saline breast implant is that it has a tendency to wrinkle and ripple. This is more apparent in thin women who have less tissue in the breast and experience wrinkling and rippling the most. On the other hand, a positive trait of the saline breast implant is that in case of ruptures, the implant drains out within 4 or 5 hours and so is easy to detect. Saline implants are also cheaper than silicone implants and thus more affordable for many people. A minimum age of 18 is a must for a saline breast implantation as surgeons consider bodies and breasts below this age to be immature for this surgery.

Types of Breast Implants- Silicone Implants

The silicone types of breast implants are filled with a silicone gel which has a relatively solid and firm consistency. As a result, they are difficult to detect in case of ruptures since the gel does not easily leak out. The problem here is that MRI tests are needed after every two years to make sure of the absence of ruptures in your breasts. This however can be overlooked keeping in mind the fact that silicone implants have much less wrinkling and rippling and feel like natural breast tissues as they are softer and smoother.

Unlike saline implants, these types of breast implants require the candidate to be a minimum age of 22 as the body needs higher maturity levels to be eligible for this surgery.

Types of Breast Implants- Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The latest type of breast implant to create quite a sensation is the Gummy bear breast implant. The gel used in this implant is very cohesive and hence the name ‘gummy bear implant’. Because of the high levels of cohesiveness in this implant, its feel closely resembles that of natural breast tissues. In addition to this, it can boast of many safety features, prominent among them the low risk of gel seepage into the rest of the body in case of ruptures. Some surgeons also claim that possibility of scar tissue around the implant is minimized with this type of breast implant. This is yet to be conclusively proved, but there is no denying that this implant seems to be here to stay.

The only downside to the gummy bear type of breast implants are that larger incisions have to be made to insert the gel into the breasts as the gel is firm and hard in nature.

So, these are the three FDA quality approved breast implants that are provided by various clinics. Having adequate knowledge about these different types of breast implants can be a huge bonus for you as you can knowingly discuss the nuances of each type when consulting your surgeon and finalize the type of breast implant that will work best for you.