Effects of botox and how to maximise it

In the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Botox treatment is one of the few which do not have many side effects. In fact the benefits of Botox are so many, that its side effects do not look threatening at all. It is true that Botox is a synthetic element but its intake does not involve as many complications as some of the other versions of cosmetic surgeries. It would not be wrong to state that Botox treatment is one of the easiest procedures with the least amount of risks possible. Its recovery time is excessively fast and does not leave behind any prolonged reactions.

Effects of botox and quick recovery

Recovery procedure of a Botox treatment is completely painless. The effects of botox and its results are visible so quickly and in such a short time that it leaves the patients in surprise. Its recovery process does not involve any kind of severe complications and is rather done faster than expected. The procedures involved are harmless and safe and can be covered within a few check up sessions after the treatment.

Procedure for injection and recovery to see effects of botox

The doctor generally injects Botox into the patient in small amounts across multiple sittings. It is injected into the desired body part via very small and thin needles. During the injection process, patients do not face any surmountable pain. The needles are so thin that their pricks do not affect the skin harshly, it gives the sensation of mild bites by tiny insects like mosquitoes or ants. The effects of botox are generally visible very quickly after the injection procedure.

Generally before injecting Botox, doctors use anesthetics or other agents to make the region numb enough so that the patients do not feel anything, not even the prickly sensation. This procedure is called local anesthesia just like used by dentists. The Injected Botox accumulates in the muscle below the skin and hence can weaken the muscle in that are. The muscle might remain sore for a few days. The soreness usually fades away in a week, in case it does not wear away, patients must immediately consult with their doctors and understand the possible effects of botox in this case and further treatment thereby. Red dots can appear in the region where the injection has been pricked through; these might lead to bruises or scars which fade away in a few weeks. However this side effect is very rare and is not very likely to appear. Generally the immediate recovery period takes about 15-20 minutes.

Precautions to be followed

Doctors often recommend exercising the area where Botox has been injected. However these exercises must not be tiresome. Any kind of strenuous physical activity should be avoided for a day or two. The intensity of exercises can be increased there after. Patients must avoid massaging or scratching the area that has been treated, as it might spread the Botox into unwanted areas or cause infections. Patients must indulge in some kind of mild physical activity after the procedure is over and should avoid staying still or taking rest for a few hours. Patients must also consult the doctor before applying any sort of cosmetic product on the region, to avoid any kind of reaction from the synthetic products.

Tips for Patients

Patients must strictly avoid tampering with the region where Botox has been applied. Since anesthesia had been administered within the patients body to numb the area, they must remember to have lots of water and flush out the anesthetic elements through the urine; this will help avoiding nausea. Food Poisoning can be avoided by taking anti acidic food and also by taking small does of Botox. Botox is an essentially risk free treatment, its side effects are few in number and this treatment is mostly provided by dermatologists and the effects of botox are immediately visible and therefore preferred by many.