Finding Qualified Liposuction Surgeons

Its pretty simple.

There are no shortcuts to Finding Qualified Liposuction Surgeons:

You should use several resources, to find the appropriate person to do your procedure.  It should be someone that’s board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and you can find that information online, or through your local Medical Societies.

It also should be someone that has privileges to do a procedure in the hospital.

Typically, liposuction is not performed in the hospital.  Typically, it’s an outpatient procedure, in a doctor’s certified office,or in a surgery center.  However, if there is a problem related to your liposuction,for example, an infection, which is very rare, or any other type of complication that may need attention in a hospital – you want to make sure that your physician or surgeon,is caring about you, and able to take you to the hospital, and take care of whatever complication might be necessary to address, so the other criteria, would be to speak to a friend, a family member.  Someone with a personal reference, that’s already been to that surgeon, and has had a good experience, which will be helpful to guide you.