Go Sleeveless After An Upper Arm Liposuction!

If you have flabby arms that look unattractive and inhibit you from wearing beautiful sleeveless clothes, then upper arm liposuction is what you are looking for. Upper arm liposuction is very efficacious in removing fat around your arms and you end up with willowy and slim hands that you can flaunt to your heart’s content. The best part about this liposuction procedure is that patients have reported very high satisfaction levels compared to other types of liposuction and it is a hassle-free and easy procedure without undue complications or high liposuction cost.

upper arm liposuctionThe Technicalities of an Upper Arm Liposuction

The procedure followed with an Upper arm liposuction is practically the same as with any other type of liposuction. Minute incisions are made on the upper and under arm of the patient after which a thin hollow tool known as the cannula is inserted beneath the skin. The function of this cannula is to loosen and melt the fat after which the latter can easily be pulled out with the help of a vacuum. The great thing about upper arm liposuction is that this process also involves skin molding to prevent skin from sagging around the arms. Hence, the arms of the patient seem toned and slender.

Even though age is not really a vital factor when performing upper arm liposuction, good results are produced when the skin has moderate to good elasticity. Also, if you are overweight by 10 or 15 pounds, this procedure will work best for you. While undergoing this liposuction, discuss the results with your doctor and make sure that after the fat is removed, your arms do not appear incongruous with the rest of your body. In other words, the look of your arms has to complement your over-all body structure before you can consider your upper arm liposuction to be a success.

Generally, upper arm liposuction will cost you anywhere from $3000 to $7500. The cost can reach the $7000 mark if advanced tools or lasers are used and also if there is any amount of difficulty while performing the liposuction. So, discuss this with your doctor before you make up your mind about the procedure.

What Happens After You Undergo an Upper Arm Liposuction?

After the Upper Arm Liposuction, you can expect some amount of bruising and swelling. These symptoms appear at their worst during the first week and then disappear gradually. After 5 weeks, the swelling will be practically unnoticeable.  After the surgery, you will also experience some discomfort, almost as if you had an extensive work-out session at the gym due to which your arms are slightly tender and achy. You will need to wear compression garments the first month after your surgery to ensure that the swelling is manageable and also to give a beautiful shape to your arms.

Make sure that you use a skilled and certified surgeon for your upper arm liposuction. An incompetent doctor can remove fat unevenly and you may end up with arms that look disproportionate. Again, after you undergo this procedure do not gain weight and try and maintain your new body shape.

How to Safeguard Yourself against Upper Arm Liposuction Risks

As discussed above, upper arm liposuction does not pose major risks to the individual. However, to be on the safer side, it is better to avoid multiple surgeries on the same day. Along with this if you are a person who is prone to fluctuations in weight, it is better to avoid an upper arm liposuction. It is also necessary to discuss your medical condition thoroughly with your doctor and apprise him/her of any medications that you consume on a regular basis.

Doing so will ensure that your surgery goes off very well and you will have the kind of arms that you dreamed of as a result of your upper arm liposuction.