How much liposuction costs and how to reduce it

Liposuction cost varies with quality of the surgery, the amount of weight lost and also the region from where the fat has to be extracted. The procedures that have the lowest quality can be expensive as well. Liposuction cost increases drastically with the increase in the quality and the experience of the surgeon. The most experienced surgeons charge hefty amounts. However for regular clients there are discounts and packages that might reduce total liposuction cost, but the resultant amount is still huge. Liposuction procedures cannot be availed by the middle class population; it is a luxury that can be availed by the rich section of the society.

Need for liposuction and how much does liposuction cost?

liposuction costLiposuction surgeries are generally availed by those in the entertainment or glamour industry. It is a method to look leaner and attractive at a short interval. However this is usually not a one time process. People tend to gain back the fat that they lose via cosmetic surgeries. Hence, they need to undergo liposuction at regular intervals. The frequency of undergoing such procedures reduces with time but cannot be easily stopped. Often obese people find it difficult to treat other diseases like blood pressure and cardiac illnesses due the excessive fat in their body. They are often prevented form indulging into strenuous exercises; hence for speeding up of the treatment of other diseases they often opt for weight loss through liposuction surgeries. Fat is definitely unhealthy for the human body and losing it has a healthier effect.

Variation of liposuction cost

Liposuction cost also varies with the body art which is being subjected to the surgery. Liposuction surgeries on the vital parts are most expensive, for example, breasts in women or sometimes in men too. The bills for such surgeries can rise up to $3000-$5000. Facial fat reduction is equally expensive along with those at the abdomen area, building to an amount of $1800-$2500. Fat loss from thighs, arms, back, legs and waist are comparatively cheaper and cost between $1000-$1500 dollars. Similarly, ultrasonic liposuction can be very expensive too. Liposuction throughout the body cannot be done at one go as it can be life threatening. However packages for the entire body are available at various clinics at the expense of $10000-$12000. So how much should liposuction cost will be relative to the area where it is performed. 

Factors affecting liposuction cost

The original weight and statistics of the patient plays a very vital role in deciding the expense that might be involved. More obese people need to spend more money as they surgeries involved are more complicated and time consuming. Longer duration of the surgery and excessive amount of fat loss add to the original rate or charges of the surgery. Liposuction cost includes operation theatre fees, cost of compression garments that are to be worn for some weeks after the surgery. Regular check ups before and after the surgery also acts as additional costs that are generally not foreseen. One fat reduction session often leads to another which involves and equal amount of money those adding to the expense every time a surgery is performed. In short, how much liposuction costs depends on the type of surgery, the number of sessions, the doctors expenses and a variety of other parameters.

General approximate costs(lower and higher range)

  1. Laser liposuction costs: $2,000 to $8,000
  2. Liposculpture costs: $2,000 to $10,000
  3. Smart lipo costs: $2000 to $12,000
  4. Non surgical liposuction costs: charges differ
  5. Average liposuction costs: $2,000 to $10,000


How to avoid excess liposuction cost?

It is advisable for patients to avoid tending to lose weight at their first sessions, as this might add up to the side effects and complications thus increasing the maintenance and tehreby the overall liposuction cost. Patients must be careful in following the precautionary measures as prescribed to avoid any major illness or diseases. Going for frequent fat loss sessions increase the tendency of the body to gain more weight rapidly, thus resulting in more number of liposuction surgeries. The frequency of the sessions must be managed and regular exercises must be included in the routine to avoid from gaining too much weight in between successive sessions. In other words, liposuction cost will also depend on how many such sessions you plan to go in for and also if you are careful to avoid recurrence of these procedures.