How seriously should you care for dangers of cosmetic surgery: Botox

Dangers of cosmetic surgery due to non regulated environment

 A large number of cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox are being delivered in highly unregulated environments. The customer has no protection if something goes wrong just because they are trying too many low cost quick fix measures. These have a big chance of going wrong with the risk of major and irreversible damage to patient health.

For example: Dermal fillers, which are used to reduce wrinkles and plump up lips are not currently classed as medical devices so patients do not have a protection if something goes wrong. Not consulting a qualified cosmetic surgeon result in huge irreversible consequences and Botox treatments in unregulated environments are adding to the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

dangers of cosmetic surgery

Dangers of cosmetic surgery more pronounced at alcohol parties

The video below is from 2008 but still relevant and throws light on the dangers of Botox injections at alcohol parties.

While awareness and education are key, patients also need to understand that the dangers of cosmetic surgery can be avoided by having thorough consultations with qualified surgeons and even taking a second opinion in ma ny cases.