Is Laser Liposuction becoming the preferred choice of cosmetic surgery?

Of late, Laser liposuction has gained prominence as an effective body contouring procedure. This is mainly due to the technology and the ease of use. When diet and exercise fails, and the desire to look fit and beautiful becomes overwhelming, which is increasingly the case, cosmetic surgeries such as these take the forefront. Of these laser liposuction surgery is becoming the prefered standard although it has its own share of problems. But first, a quick look at what laser liposuction is all about.   



Laser Liposuction – how it works

Laser liposuction puts a very small laser beneath the skin to liquefy fat. After it has been liquefied, fat is removed with a very small tube — one that is smaller than in traditional liposuction. This results in a smaller incision and in less bruising.

In addition, the laser has an additional benefit of tightening the skin. This occurs through heat and reduces loose skin associated with traditional liposuction procedures.

Since the tube used in laser liposuction is smaller, this procedure is often used to remove fat from difficult to reach places such as the underarms or neck. This type of precedure is useful to people who are interested in resculpting fat that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise….More at Laser Liposuction Sacramento Treatments | Learn How It Works



Laser liposuction cost:

Although it is an easy procedure, it is also known to be expensive. As an approximation, laser liposuction can put you back by $2,000 and upwards for just one area. However, this also depends on the area and the amount of fat deposits. Also noteworthy is the fact that this  treatment is effective on smaller areas having stubborn fat that do not react favourably to exercise and diet. From a fitment perspective, this also means that other types of liposuction treatment may be necesary for larger areas. Laser liposuction can be performed around the upper arms, inner thighs, knees, ankles and calves.


Laser liposuction – overall review

Specific procedures like Smarlipo have gained popularity mainly due to safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Here is a quick look at the branding and marketing of this product.

SmartLipo™ is a clever brand name when considering the millions of patients searching for smarter ways to eliminate and remove unwanted fat from their bodies. Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery reported in the USA when one takes into account the 400,000 plus liposuction procedures performed annually by plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and other physicians who are converting to the cosmetic and med-spa industry, encouraged by how lucrative elective procedures become in the last decade. Liposuction is now more mainstream compared to 15 years ago. But there are many liposuction procedures to choose from, some are less invasive and more safe than others. Patients are looking to get educated through online resources when searching for “wiser” more advanced lipo options….More at Smartlipo Popularity Increases Due to Safety and Effectiveness of the Procedure – (press release)

Here is another review that talks about the increasing use of this plastic surgery in America:

Americans turn to 'fat freezing' to lose Christmas love handles

Thousands of Americans are freezing off their fat this Christmas, rather than burning it off at the gym, after signing up for a plastic surgery treatment that uses extreme cold to blast away love handles, muffin tops and spare tyres….More at Americans turn to 'fat freezing' to lose Christmas love handles –


Note: For best laser liposuction results, always have a detailed consultation with a qualified and well experienced cosmetic surgeon.