Cosmetic surgery lipo – is it Worth the Risk?

Liposuction (Cosmetic surgery lipo) is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective ways of removing unwanted and excessive fat from the body. In today’s world where looks play a very important role in the overall personality of a person, no one would like to look flabby and obese. Apart from looks, overweight and obesity are the main reasons for a lot of health problems ranging from hypertension to blood sugar, from strokes to arthritis and other structural deformities. Hence, there are no awards for guessing the reason for the huge popularity of liposuction (Cosmetic surgery lipo) as a technique for reducing fat and removing excess flab from the body. But there are also many cases of plastic surgery gone wrong due to the wrong approach used.

Liposuction has been used for quite some years and the first liposuction surgery was done sometime in the early 1974. Since then, this surgery technique (also known as Cosmetic surgery lipo) has evolved a lot and there are many new techniques that have been used successfully across the globe. In fact there are many surgeons who use a combination of various techniques which provide greater levels of efficiency and safety to the customer. There are basically four different types of liposuction (Cosmetic surgery lipo) techniques, i.e. Wet Technique, Dry liposuction, Super-wet technique and of course Tumescent Liposuction. While the dry liposuction technique uses a cannula to suck out the excess fat deposits, the other techniques use a mixture of fluids to draw out excess fats from the body.

The Tumescent Liposuction is considered to be the riskiest, which involves the injection of three liquid components, i.e. saline, an anesthetic and lastly a component that prevents bleeding. Though this procedure has been known to be effective in removing excess fat it is fraught with risks and hence is always looked upon with a sense of fear and skepticism. Nevertheless, it also escalates the cost of liposuction surgery but people prefer still prefer this form of Cosmetic surgery lipo.

Risks of Cosmetic surgery lipo

Coming to risks associated with liposuction, as a surgeon it would be better to be transparent and keep the customer informed about the possible side effects associated with such surgeries. One of the biggest risks is the formation of clots which is usually caused by premature death of cells and is also referred to as necrosis. The danger with necrosis is that these small clots which are nothing but dead cells have a tendency to migrate to the lungs. If this happens it could be a life threatening risk. Additionally there are other possible risks which may include excess loss of blood, risk of infection and allergic reaction to the use of anesthetics which may affect the skin or even other parts of the body. 

However, in spite of certain risks, by and large, liposuction (Cosmetic surgery lipo) is a safe method of removing excess fat from the body. There are also some alternate non surgical interventions which are effective in removing excess fat deposits. These include some advance massaging techniques, radiofrequency methods and also infrared techniques. Though these are reasonably successful if someone is looking at a quick method of fat removal liposuction still continues to be the chosen one.

Though liposuction is very popular the high cost of such surgery, ie. Cosmetic surgery lipo,  often prevents people from going through this route. In spite of advance technologies it still continues to be a very expensive procedure and as of today the only option is to go to lesser developed countries like South Africa, India, Venezuela and other such places where the rates are lower by almost 60-70% when compared to those of developed countries. The customers need not worry too much about the quality of surgery and the surgeons because these are comparable to the ones available in countries like USA and the European Union. These are in fact emerging as prefered destinations for Cosmetic surgery lipo treatments.