An Overview of Types of Liposuction and Costs

Looking good is slowly becoming a necessity (even if it comes after different types of liposuction surgeries) and indeed good looks play a big role in building a successful career, apart from having a successful and meaningful personal life. Liposuction is something which is very common these days and it is a surgical intervention which is often used by people to improve the contour of their body which helps do away with excess fat in certain pockets of the body. In fact the word Lipo is derived from the Greek work “lipos” which means excess fat.

However, it is critical to understand the cost of liposuction, types of Liposuction (tumescent liposuction, etc), is it for cosmetic surgery or is it really needed and which plastic surgeons to see and what questions to ask before undertaking such a procedure.

Types of Liposuction and what you need to know

There are many areas in the body where we have a tendency to accumulate excess fat and these areas include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, apart from arms and shoulders and there are different types of Liposuction that can be done for each area. Usually a liposuction surgery is conducted either under general anesthesia or with the use of local anesthesia. Through this method of surgery (and as well for different types of liposuction), excess fat is removed from deposits under the skin and is usually done with the help of a stainless tube called Cannula. Though some surgeons prefer doing liposuction under general anesthesia, taking into account customer satisfaction and safety, doing the surgery under local anesthesia is always preferred. 

There are various methods and types of liposuction that are now in vogue these days and it could range from Tumescent Liposuction to Modified Tumescent Liposuction. Which method or technique or type of liposuction to adopt is entirely a choice to be decided between the surgeon and the patient and would depend on various factors such as amount of fat deposits, the age and general health of the patient and many other vital and important factors.

 Though liposuction in general is considered safe and not very risky, as a customer, it would be better to be informed about the possible risks associated with such a surgery. Any type of cosmetic surgery has it pros and cons and the same applies to all types of liposuction too. There are quite a few risks associated with this surgery and the most common ones are related to risks of infection, extended healing time, allergic manifestation associated with general or local anesthesia, risk of blood clots which may migrate to the lungs and cause fatalities, loss of fluid which could cause complications, damage to nerves and skin and last but not the least damage to vital organs. Modern technology and newer methods have however significantly reduced the risk element, but as a customer it would be better to be aware of the inherent risks and take an informed decision.

If risk is a vital consideration which inhibits some people from going in for liposuction surgery, and this is true for all types of liposuction, then it would be better to look at alternative routes for doing away with excess fat deposits in the body. Medical science has indeed dramatically improved and there are claims to some very effective non-surgical methods of reducing fat. These include cellulite removal of excess fat using radiofrequency waves, infrared light and other alternatives such as gentle massagers which are known to work very efficiently in removing excess fat. If someone is the kind of a person who believes in non-invasive methods of fat reduction techniques, then liposuction is not for such people. 

Liposuction is indeed a costly process and not many people can really afford it. One way of tackling this problem could be to explore the possibility of getting these surgeries done in countries like India, China, Brazil and South Africa where the costs are much less compared to developed countries. These countries do have the best of equipment, surgeons and facilities and hence exploring this option and saving significant costs is indeed worth the effort. These countries are now fast emerging as specialists in different types of Liposuction surgeries and cosmetic surgery treatments.

The next few posts deal in detail about various aspects that one needs to take into account before considering Liposuction surgery and the different types of Liposuction treatment.