Liposuction for Belly Fat- Is this the Answer to your Weighty Issues?

Liposuction for belly fat is one of the most sought after procedure by both sexes. Are you wondering why this is so? Well, the answer is simple. Unlike other areas in your body, abdominal fat is extremely persevering and does not respond to exercise or diet. This means that you may be very strict with your food intake and indulge in rigorous work-outs but all this effort might not reflect on your tummy. Very disappointing, isn’t it? Especially since both women and men are plagued by excess fat in the lower or upper abdomen. In fact, you will find many people who have fat in both the lower and upper abdomen. The very reason why liposuction for belly fat is so popular among people in general!

How Effective is Liposuction for Belly Fat?

liposuction for belly fatSo, let us deal with the next important question. After all, we have established the comparative impotence of diet and exercise as far as liposuction for belly fat is concerned. Is liposuction, however, good and does it significantly reduce fat in this area? Thankfully, the answer is a definite yes. Most patients are satisfied with liposuction for belly fat and the best news is that the effects are extremely long-lasting. This means that you can practically look upon it as a one time operative procedure.

However, you will find rare cases, where it is not the fat but the abdominal muscles and the lower abdominal wall that cause the bulge in the stomach region. If this is the case, liposuction for belly fat might not work for you as liposuction rarely impacts the actual abdominal muscles. A little explanation will help gain clarity on this issue.

How to Determine Whether You Need Liposuction for Belly Fat

Abdominal fat can be of two types- subcutaneous or intra-abdominal.  Subcutaneous fat is not a problem since the fat is located right under your skin and so liposuction for belly fat works very well here. Intra-abdominal fat, on the other hand, is lodged adjacent to the intestines and liposuction cannot permeate so far for fear of harming the patient.  So, if abdominal muscles or intra-abdominal fat is the reason behind your distended tummy, then liposuction for belly fat is not what you are looking for.

There is a simple formula to determine what kind of body fat you are afflicted by. All you need to do is to grasp a fold of skin and fat between your fingers and thumb and check whether it seems soft to the touch. Along with this, try and move this fat in a vertical manner. If the fat is amenable to upward and downward movement, then most likely it is subcutaneous fat which can be sucked out with the liposuction for belly fat.

Recovery Time with Liposuction for Belly Fat

When abdominal liposuction is done with the tumescent technique, local anesthesia will suffice. This not only brings down the cost but also reduces bleeding due to which the recovery is fast and the side-effects are few. Swelling is of course, to be expected and this makes activities like bending a bit of a challenge. Despite this, doctors usually advise patients to be active and walk around a bit immediately after liposuction for belly fat has been done. You can also take a bath the very next day after the procedure and get back to work a couple of days after the surgery.

Gentle compression garments and some dressing is all that is required after the liposuction and in case you suffer some pain or discomfort, Tylenol will take care of these. Patients who are mentally prepared for these small problems and have gone through the instruction given by the doctor very carefully for liposuction before and after, find it very easy to get back to normal after liposuction for belly fat has been safely carried out.

On an average, six weeks is what it will take to notice the flattened belly after the swelling has subsided. Once this happens and you are shopping for a new wardrobe, then liposuction for belly fat will indeed seem to be the answer to your weighty issues.