Liposuction of Hips can help you Look Fit!

Why is liposuction of hips so popular? Simply because wide hips that are not proportionate to the over all body structure is a ubiquitous complaint amongst women. In fact, most women end up looking stouter than they actually are just because they have hips that are fat. This creates a lot of problems when it comes to the choice of clothes and most wide-hipped women end up restricting their wardrobe in a bid to hide the hip region.

What makes the problem worse is that fats are very easily deposited in the hips and the fats lodged here are very stubborn, as well. This means that diet and exercise do not make much of a difference in slimming down the hip region. Hence, the importance of a liposuction of the hips. In fact, liposuction of hips will help in giving you hips that complement your over-all body structure and you will feel slim as a result.

Cost of liposuction of hips

liposuction of hipsLiposuction of the hips can cost somewhere in the range of $1600 to $5000. Even though this sounds reasonable, it does not include the cost of the surgery room or the anesthesia. If any doctor promises a liposuction of the hips at a very low cost, you need to beware. The reason being that it is not uncommon to find incompetent surgeons on the look-out to make a quick buck by doing a shoddy job. Incorrect liposuctions of the hip can cause a lot of complications and will require further surgical procedures to rectify the initial problem.

The procedure behind a liposuction of hips requires a good deal of expertise. After examining the patient, the surgeon has to decide which areas of the hip region need to have incisions that will help in the fat removal process. Before making the incisions, a fluid is injected to help dissolve the fat in this area. After this, incisions are made into which a cannula is inserted. The cannula is attached to a contraption that can effectively suck out excess fat from the hips. During the entire procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia to de-sensitize the area and a relaxing sedative is also administered to the patient. To do all this properly, a great deal of skill is required. So, make sure that you only opt for a highly specialized surgeon even if it will escalate the cost to some extent.

Recovery pattern in liposuction of hips

After a liposuction of hips has been done, you can expect some amount of bruising and swelling. These usually subside within two to four weeks. You will also experience a sense of soreness in the first month and walking long distances or sitting still for a long time may be challenging for the patient. During this time, you will also be required to wear compression bands that aid in the proper healing of the tissues. Compression bands also reduce unsightly sagging of the skin.

Improper liposuction of the hips, however, can lead to infections or nerve and tissue damage which may be quite debilitating. It is to prevent these scenarios that a competent and skilled surgeon is particularly recommended for a liposuction of the hips.

Final word of caution regarding liposuction of hips

Most risks that occur in a liposuction of the hips are because of excess fat removal from the hip region. This increases the chance of nerve and tissue damage. This is exactly what a good surgeon will prevent. Again, immediately after the surgery a competent doctor will make sure that the amount of bruising and swelling is not excessive and also that the patient does not experience excess discomfort or bouts of vomiting. These are after all, tell-tale signs of danger. A good surgeon will also advise you against undergoing a number of procedures at the same time. This is very crucial because after each surgical procedure, the body needs time to recover. After all, if you are sensitive to the dictates of your body, the results will also be very satisfactory. 

Taking all this into consideration, it would be great if you could opt for a surgeon or doctor who has been acknowledged by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Such a surgeon would ensure that your liposuction of hips is successful and you are happy with the final outcome.