Liposuction of the neck and other options

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery which involves in excessive fat reduction from a human body(including liposuction of the neck). Fat can be removed from almost all parts of the body such as buttocks, hip, thighs, arms, shoulders, stomach and face. It is a combined surgery which can be done both to your body and face. 

How is the surgery performed?

The Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, so does not involve major operation process. It does not make you bleed, or go bed ridden for weeks on weeks. It is a very simple process which is done by adapting various simple, yet effective techniques. The surgery does not lead much pain to you and all you need is bed rest just for a couple of days. Liposuction of the neck and other parts follow the same procedure but the treatment and recovery time varies marginally.

Liposuction of the neck and other parts – Basic Liposuction Techniques

Liposuction surgery is undergone using various simple techniques which include dry and wet liposuction technique, super wet technique, tumescent technique, ultra sound liposuction, ultra sonic liposuction, laser technique, vaser-assisted lipoplasty, micro liposuction, smartlipo, coollipo, prolipo, prolipo plus, lipolite, lipotherm, lipocontrol and finally the waterjet assisted liposuction. The major segregation of these techniques are just two factors, the rest is all same in all kinds of liposuction surgery. One major factor is the usage of solution through injection before the surgery and the other factor that distinguishes the technique is the usage of number of external devices for the surgery. In the earlier days, a general anesthesia would be given all through your body, and the fat is physically broken and removed out by inserting a tube into the medicated area. This way was found little complicated and hence introduced the other latest techniques, some of which can also be performed only with a local anesthesia. Even IV sedation can be given to some patients. One important factor to always keep in mind is that every patient is different and so is every surgery. Never compare the surgeries done for other patients, as it will just lead confusion and not any conclusion.

Dry and wet liposuction technique

This is one of the old techniques, which is actually no more in existence, due to its practical complications. This method involves the insertion of tube under the skin of the defected area, and the excessive fat is removed through the tube. This is the same for liposuction of the neck andother parts as well. Only general anesthesia where given for this technique. It was complained that this method brings a lot of strain and stress to the tissues of the body and thereby creates over blood discharge. It also started to damage the nerves, only then was the immediate need for a remedy came into the place. It is nothing but the wet technique, which used surplus fluid for the surgery, which eased the maximum complications and yielded favoring results for the patients. Saline with epinephrine is the fluid introduced through the wet technique, which drastically reduced the amount of blood loss during the surgery. An overcome of the wet technique was the super-wet technique which added more fluid content for the surgery. The process got eased further and more with the invention of all these simple techniques. Whether it is teh liposuction of teh neck or any other parts, tehse techniques basically remain the same.

Laser Liposuction

As performing the surgery manually created some issues, the laser technique came into place, which regularized the entire surgery process. Laser technique helped in appropriate pitching of the defected area, without creating damage to the rest parts of the body, probably aa good option for Liposuction of the neck nd other tender parts.

There are more and above techniques which overcame the other, and finally now the liposuction surgery is an effective method to help you stay smart and fit. When you consider liposuction of the neck or tummy or any other part, it is better to go for a detailed consultation with teh doctor first.