Liposuction or Tummy Tuck or Both?

In this post,lets talk a bit about looking at the right options of surgery like liposuction and tummy tuck. One needs to understand that liposuction can cause some irregularities in the skin.  If such irregularities are caused in the skin,for example: loose skin or sagging skin, then there are treatments that can be utilized to try to improve that.  One of those treatments is to tighten the skin.

on the other hand, there was the case of a woman who wanted to try liposuction for her stomach but there was some question about whether that would a adequate enough. For example, if the patient had pregnancies and she really did not want to have to undergo a tummy tuck or abdominal plastic procedure.  If you can make some nice improvement on the fatty tissue and the skin stays reasonable, then that would be enough.  However, with the understanding that you may need to go to a skin tightening procedure, a patient will potentially accept that and then, down the road, if she does not like the quality of the skin, you could potentially resort to a tummy tuck type procedure.  That would be something essential to discuss with your surgeon in detail, before the surgery, so there’s not an expectation that, for example,a liposuction procedure will give the same results as a tummy tuck.

This is explained in the video below:

It is important to understand the end goal first and then look at what options are available rather than getting fixated on one particular surgery procedure.