Liposuction side effects and avoiding a possible nightmare!

Liposuction side effects can be scary

Liposuction is the surgical removal of excess fat from the body to make it look leaner, healthier and more attractive but one also has to take note of liposuction side effects. The catch here is that it makes a body look healthier – what this means is that it is a surigical procedure that does not necessarily improve the health but just makes a person look healthier and in shape.  It is a part of cosmetic surgery; hence it is evident that it is definitely not a natural process. Any effect on our body that is not natural is bound to have some side effects. Hence liposuction surgeries often leave behind its marks on a person. Medical technology has progressed to a certain extent as an art but is far from perfect. Possibility of body contour irregularities are often given less weightage in the excitement to have a leaner healthier physique.

Liposuction side effects – Major Side Effects

One of the major side effects of liposuction is that it creates cardio diseases or problems like cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrests. It also results in heavy bleeding after the procedure which results in excessive fluid loss and kidney or heart failures. Thrombophlebitis is another huge side effect of liposuction. liposuction side effects Thrombophlebitis is the unnatural inflammations of the blood vessels and veins. It usually last for 3-4 weeks after the surgery. The area from where the fat is taken out might also swell after the procedure. It generally remains sore and tumescent for about 10-12 days till after the procedure, but gradually disappears

Liposuction side effects – Minor Side Effects

The major liposuction side effects are not observed often in patients, especially if they are well taken care of and after surgery maintenance routine is followed religiously. However this can not be said for the minor liposuction side effects which are most likely to appear for those who undergo liposuction procedure. Bruises and scars often appear after the surgery. Bruises are not exactly a major concern; they appear just after the surgery and fade with time, approximately in about 5-6 weeks or even less. Scars are the more serious versions of bruises. Usually they are deep and their lengths vary between half an inch to a couple of inches. These marks take longer to fade than bruises. They often tingle or itch; it is advisable for patients to avoid tampering or scratching them as it might lead to infections. Fat removal from the face might lead to formation of dimples at odd places on the face. This side effect is known as dimpling. Due to the loss of fat the skin on the face forms taps which are known as dimples. If formed on the cheeks or chin they might not look odd, but formation of dimples anywhere else on the face might look unattractive. So even minor liposuction side effects can cause long term embarassment at times.

General Mistakes That Lead to Liposuction Side Effects

The most common mistake that people tend to do is to try and lose the excess fat at one go. Prolonged surgeries or losing to much fat at a single attempt are the prime reasons for most liposuction side effects. The bones and muscular structure are affected severely due to sudden loss of weight.  To escape pain during the surgery people often opt for laser liposuction. It might look helpful and easier to handle but it leaves back skin burns and a lot of scars that are usual liposuction side effects in such cases. These burns and scars generally take a lot of time to fade and leave marks that may be etched permanently for those who opt for regular laser liposuction procedures.

How to Avoid Liposuction Side Effects?

Liposuction is a high maintenance surgery mainly due to unavoidable liposuction side effects. It is necessary for patients to follow all the instructions of their surgeons after the procedure is over, taking of excess fluids is necessary. Patients must also make a habit of urinating regularly and often. This helps in flushing out the anesthesia from the body. It is important to know that the liposuction procedures for men and women are different and so also the liposuction side effects and recovery time. Apart from this patients must make sure to inform their doctor about all medications that they might have taken before. Informing the surgeon about the medical history of the patient leads to avoiding potential risks afterwards and thereby most of the known liposuction side effects.