Now breast lift without implants?

Breast lift without implants – is that possible?

You need breast implants if you need larger breasts and not just because they should look right. The latter case usually falls under the realm of breast reconstructive surgery although this can be highly debated. The easiest non invasive methods like using padde should be tried out first – its true that the results of using the right bra can bring about impressive results in many women.

breast lift without implants

On the other hand, there are many claims by supplement providers and food herb specialists that support using pills for breast enhancement. However, this should be taken to taken with a pinch of salt. An easy way to check these claims would be to ask for successs stories rather than merely viewing testimonials that are generally part of the advertisement campaign. These testimonials are used to advertise the product and so teh results may not be entirely true.

Breast lift without implants is achievable

 Yes, it is possible to achieve breast lift without implants. This is done to improve the look and feel and the shape of the breasts. Thsi ofcourse, does not involve implants as the size does not have to be increased. In many cases the nipple is repositioned and some times excess skin is removed or resized. Breast tissue may also be corrected if the situation demands but this will be clearly explained to the patient before the breast augmentation surgery. The scars would be visible in some cases as teh surgery may be performed in multiple places around the breasts. Consulting a board certified plastic surgeon woudl be the first step to understand if you are a good candidate for breast lift without implants.