Permanent sustained weight loss after a tummy tuck?

There have been questions doing the rounds on sustained weight loss after a tummy tuck operation and the reasons behind the same. Well we were talking about tummy tucks, and in particular, we were talking about a study which had come out which stated that sometimes you can have a permanent sustained weight loss after a tummy tuck.  Is this true? Have people, after tummy tuck, really experienced a sustained weight loss? And the answer is yes, its true.

Watch Dr. David Reath explain this in the video below:

Now the reasons for this weight loss is not totally clear.  And I think it really comes down to several factors. One factor is that people get fuller sooner when they’re eating. And I believe the reason for that is when we repair the muscles in the tummy tuck, there’s just not as much room in the abdominal cavity for the stomach to expand. I’ve seen this in a number of patients.  And so some people end up getting fuller more quickly, don’t eat quite as much, and they see a little bit of a reduction in the weight after the tummy tuck.

I think for other people, it’s a great motivating factor that now they’ve got the tummy that looks the way they want. And that they are more active in keeping themselves fit and in shape. Because unfortunately, for many people, prior to having a tummy tuck, is you’ve got loose skin and you lose weight.  The skin actually gets looser and it looks worse, which becomes very demoralizing.

So I think that there are a number of different factors which can lead to a sustained weight loss following the tummy tuck. Now one thing I will say is that right after the tummy tuck you’re going to weigh more,but that’s due to swelling.  And that sometimes it can take 3 or 4 months to get rid of all that swelling weight.  But yes its true that people experience sustained weight loss after a tummy tuck surgery