Risks of botox – things you didnt know

Botox is a chemically extracted substance that is used to make people look younger. It is primarily used to get rid of wrinkles and attaining a taut skin. However the prime aim of using Botox is to obtain a more youthful appearance. It is transferred into the human body via injections. The intake of Botox generally does not involve many complications but there are some risks of Botox nevertheless. It is actually extracted from a toxin commonly known as botulism, which hardly has any side effects. However some patients might be subjected to a few complication or reactions after being injected with a dose of Botox. Hence, those who wish to avail a Botox dose must be aware of the risks of Botox as well.

Risks of Botox – Minor Side Effects

Botox generally results into food poisoning because of the toxin present in it. The area where the Botox has been injected to remains sore for about a week since after taking the injection. Bruises and scars are also common for patients; however they fade away with time. Patients can suffer from headaches and can even feel nauseated after taking Botox injections. The region which has been injected with Botox becomes weak, because it has more synthetic elements than natural muscles; this effect is also known as drooping. However this is caused only if the amount of Botox injected is larger than normal. Drooling is not permanent and it wears off gradually in a few months. understanding the risks of Botox makes the recovery easy and prevents unnecessary tensions during the treatment.

Risks of Botox – the severe ones

Botox injections can lead to minor level haemorrhages or even a prolonged flu, which may last for a week. Multiple sclerosis is another severe risk involving intakes of Botox, this side effect is generally observed in women. Women can also suffer from irregular bleeding. The effect of Botox on pregnant women or mothers of new born babies has not been identified but they are advised to avoid Botox injections, as its effects are unknown. Certain kinds of medicines and chemicals do not go well with Botox. Hence patients must consult their doctor and understand the risks of Botox before taking any kind of medicine or injections for Botox treatment.

How to avoid the complications?

Botox must not be taken in large amounts as it drastically increases the chance of complications. However taken in small amount hardly has any side effects at all. Consulting a doctor is the best way to know the complications involved and whether Botox injections are suitable for the patient or not. Certain hormonal conditions do not go well with Botox; hence patients should comply with the doctor’s suggestions and go through the various tests which might be prescribed. The doctors would de able to successfully explain the benefits and drawbacks of Botox. Women with pre existing gynaecological problems should not opt for Botox treatments as it might intensify the issues.

Tips to follow while taking Botox

Only licensed practitioners are allowed to inject Botox. Patients must make sure to check before choosing a specialist and understand the risks of Botox treatment as well. Botox is a synthetic material and hence is bound to have some unavoidable side effects. Hence Patients must make sure that they are sure of the quality of the Botox used and also that the doctor is completely Trustworthy. Patients must do ample research before opting for this treatment and should clear all their doubts with the doctor. The doctor must be aware of the medical record of the patient to avoid any unforeseen complications.  Botox does not have many harmful side effects; hence it does not involve great risks. Consulting with the doctor, understanding the risks of Botox and doing ample research would be enough to avoid any major issues.