Risks of Liposuction and understood complications of liposuction

Liposuction has become the most sought after weight reduction method in the past decade but many have also suffered from the risks of liposuction procedures. People from all arenas especially those from the entertainment and glamour business indulge in this high end and expensive procedure of losing excess fat. However, it comes with high maintenance expense as well as considerable amount of risks. People must understand that any kind of cosmetic surgery involves surmountable risks, and Liposuction is among the leading ones.

Common Risks of Liposuction

The risks of liposuction are all at the physical level. It involves mild to moderate risks. Losing of extra fat cosmetically generally leads to an excess loss of fluids in the body, this can lead to dehydration and infections. Lack of fluids in the body makes it prone to numerous kinds of infections. People undergoing regular liposuction procedures generally get infected easily than those who do not and are more prone to the risks of liposuction. This procedure can also render the body very sensitive to anesthetic medicines or intakes. Severe reactions can be observed after taking any sort of anesthesia, nausea and vomiting being the most common ones. Blood clotting is another complication faced by such people; however, this is found on very rare occasions. If people indulge in liposuction procedures too frequently they might end up affecting their vital organs and prolonged surgeries can even render then dysfunctional. On the other hand, immediate physical activity like exercises and sexual activity soul be avoided during the recovery time, to be on the safer side. Infections or reactions seen on tissues that have been repaired or scars appearing around the Lipo surgery site have also been reported. At the internal level, concentration of tissues and reactions due to intravenous medicines have been reported but these are mainly in cases where multiple procedures other than liposuction are performed in the same session. In these cases some postoperative complications are seen but none of these are severe in nature. 

Risks of Liposuction – Excessive Effects

Patients who undergo liposuction surgeries for long hours or intend to lose excessive fat at a single attempt are the ones most affected by its risks; the risks of liposuction in this case tend to get more severe and threatening. The risks of liposuction can show itself in many forms after the surgery. Patients might have to address cardiac issues as a result of prolonged liposuction. They might suffer from arrhythmia to the heart and cardiac arrests. Other risks involve severe damage to the brain and the nervous system of the body. Generally, over exposure to this procedure leads to extensive bleeding and seizures. Minor complications like focal skin necrosis, losing consciousness, discoloration of the outer epidermal layer of the skin are visible in patients of liposuction procedures. Along with this the skin might sag after losing too much fat and patient may also feel numb. The danger of systemic anesthesia needs to be recognized as an  understood complications of liposuction. Patients need to be therefore, fully aware of procedures like anesthesia for tumescent liposuction, risks of ultrasonic liposuction, drugs that increase bleeding and the associated complications of liposuction with these cases.

Maintaining the Risks

Those who wish to indulge in this procedure to lose weight need to make sure that they are completely aware of the risks of liposuction that are involved while undergoing this from of cosmetic surgery. The minor risks can be addressed by taking proper care and maintaining the physical requirements after a patient is through the process. The optimum way of minimizing the risks of liposuction is to make sure that the patients are opting for the right cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery requires immense knowledge and experience. It is not probable for amateurs or inexperienced people to perform these surgeries. Any mistake or wrong method followed during the surgery or at the maintenance period after it can lead to severe complications and potentially life-threatening risks. Any prior medication or surgery can also act as risk factor for cosmetic procedures. Hence consulting the surgeon and providing him with the medical history of the patient is a responsibility that should not be overlooked. Patients must understand that it is their duty to inform the doctors about their entire medical history before undergoing the liposuction procedure.

Consulting a Physician

Extensive research on liposuction helps patients to understand the complications of liposuction. However it is advisable to the patients that they consult cosmetic surgeons or their family physicians about entire process. They are the best options to give clinical judgment and accurate information about this procedure and comments on its drawbacks.It is critical to understand in detail about the complications involved and the risks of liposuction surgeries and then taking the decision to go ahead wih it based on an individuals relative body assessment.