The simple £16 breast lift solution for saggy boobs

Here is some good news for people who dont want to go under the knife and yet get those boobs uptight like they should be! An recent article in the

The Shibue Instant Breast Lift is a pair of self-adhesive silicone breasts, which stick to your own natural boobs. The Instant Breast Lift has extra adhesive strips that promise to stay in place. And there’s nothing visible so the end result is natural, curvaeous
breasts. The creators describe is as a “breast lift in a box” and sell
it for a purse-friendly £16.

breast enhancement photoFrom the looks of it, the concept looks promising although there are some doubts on who can actually use it. There is also the question of  how long the adhesive can hold on to the skin and how much weight can it carry without causing pain. ‘No pain no gain’ is understandable but there will always be a limit to human endurance, correct?

Photo by Lies Thru a Lens 