Thigh Liposuction – The Secret to Beautiful Legs!

Is Thigh Liposuction the solution to the beautiful legs that you have always dreamt of? After all, let’s admit it, thighs are a problem area for most women and the sad part is that this problem only aggravates with age. How many of us deny ourselves beautiful short skirts and frocks because we feel that our thighs are not up to the mark and look flabby? Honestly, a lot of us. Fat thighs limit our choice of clothes and we feel self-conscious about our body image all the time. Not fair, is it?

thigh liposuctionTo make matters worse, even people who had shapely thighs in their youth tend to put on weight in this area as they age. Exercise and dieting do not make much of a difference and a lot of us feel fat just because our thighs are bulgy and unsightly. What better solution to all these problems than to go for a thigh liposuction that will not only give you shapely thighs but also help you feel fit and toned?

The Technicalities of a Thigh Liposuction

Now, when we talk of a thigh liposuction there are various angles to consider. Doctors never advise patients to go for a circumferential thigh liposuction, i.e. the entire thigh at one go, as there are risks involved with such a procedure. What you have to do is to opt for an inner, outer or an anterior thigh liposuction.  Are you wondering what this means? Well, in an outer thigh liposuction, the posterior thigh and the buttocks are also considered when removing excess fat. An inner thigh liposuction, on the other hand, is usually done along with a knee liposuction. Anterior thigh liposuction has to be done with great care as the focus is on the front portion of the thigh and importance is given to a beautiful finish rather than the amount of fat removed.

Generally, thigh liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. Minute incisions are made on the thigh area through which a thin, hollow tube called a cannula is passed. After the fat has been broken up either with lasers or ultrasound or the swinging motion of the cannula, the excess fat is suctioned out with the help of a vacuum like device. Also check for information on liposuction of hips.

Can Thigh Liposuction pose any health problems?

As with any other liposuction, some side effects of thigh liposuction are bruising, clotting, bleeding and swelling. These, however, will subside after some time and need not cause a lot of worry to the patient. In certain cases, though, inexperienced surgeons extract too much fat from the outer thigh or use a large cannula for the inner thigh liposuction. The result is that you are saddled with thighs that are not proportionate to the rest of your body. To make sure that this does not happen to you, always opt for a certified and skilled surgeon and discuss this possibility before the thigh liposuction surgery.

As mentioned earlier, circumferential thigh liposuction is better avoided because of the potential risks and the probability of unmanageable swelling. A combination of all three types of thigh liposuction, done after a safe interval between each surgery, on the other hand, can give great results and fantastic looking thighs of the kind that you are looking for.

Recovery Time and Cost Involved in a Thigh Liposuction

Open drainage and bimodal compression are key facets of any thigh liposuction. What this means is that after the surgery, the incisions are left open with the intention of draining excess blood and fluids. After the operation, dual compression garments are worn by the patient to enhance proper contouring and drainage. To make the drainage a smooth process, super absorbent pads are worn on top of the incisions for a duration of 2 days after the surgery. Generally, a week’s time is required for the patient to engage in moderate activities and complete recovery takes up to two months.

Finally, coming to the expenses, outer thigh liposuction usually costs anywhere in the range of $1600 to $5000. Anterior thigh liposuction and inner thigh liposuction can cost between $2000 to $5000. Of course, this is not a fixed sum and could escalate if more anesthesia is used, ultrasound or laser techniques are used and the surgeon is a very renowned and experienced person.

However, irrespective of the cost, thigh liposuction does give you the kind of thighs that you have always dreamt of and consequently provides you with a very youthful figure. What more can one ask for from a thigh liposuction?