Things to know post breast augmentation

It is critical to understand the environment post breast augmentation and what you need to do to achieve quick recovery. If you help the process, the recovery will be faster.

Post breast augmentation

Post breast augmentation – what to expect

Here is a quick list of things you need to be aware post breast augmentation surgery.

  • You will find dryness in the mouth and feel drowsy through the next few hours.
  • You may be given some pain killers and muscle relaxers so you are at ease with your new state post breast augmentation.
  • Food consumption after surgery may be difficult. The anasthesia may make it difficult to keep food within and you may throw up a few times. This is normal provided you are able to cope with it else consult the doctor.
  • On the next few days, you may feel tightness in the breast areas and feel like the skin is too close to your chest. If you have had breast implants or liquid fat injections then you may be able to feel the additional surge around your breast areas.

Post breast augmentation – a quick view

The video below picked from youtube shows a real patients experience post breast augmentation

  • There may be bruising around the breast area post breast augmentation, depending on what surgery you have had – you may feel a slight itch or pain as well.
  • You will start feeling normal within 2-3 weeks post breast augmentation and should be able to get back to normal work in this duration. Around the 2nd month things will be back to normal as it was before the breast surgery.
  • Depending on the size of the implants in case teh surgery was for implants, you may feel additional weight around your breasts but you get used to it over a period of time.

 More important is to understand what to expect post breast augmentation so you are ready to action teh requirements after the surgery actually takes place. Awareness and education is key to post breast augmentation recovery as this makes things easier in the mind of the patient.