Tummy Tuck – not what you thought?

Tummy tuck – Things you need to know

Tummy tuck surgery is done to remove those excess fats that is deposited in the abdomen and also to remove the excess skin. It involves a making small an incision at the bottom of the navel and removing the excess body fluids. In case of small incision the scar can disappear over the time but full incision will leave a permanent mark in the skin. Tummy tuck surgery is not recommended for the pregnant ladies and also who plan to get pregnant later. Since, it tightens the muscles that create medical complications during child formation and birth. It is also not advised for people who underwent a surgery in the recent times.

tummy tuck

Tummy tuck – side effects

Tummy tuck has some side effects like swelling and pain in the abdominal cavity. Tummy tuck swelling is quite common after the surgery. The swelling depends on the type of surgery performed and recovering strength of the patient. The doctors usually guide the patients post surgery time about the measures to be taken to reduce the swelling in the abdomen. Patients are advised not to work or lift heavy things for a period of six weeks to make the healing process faster. There is a possibility of bleeding at the wounded region, which might cause infection and spread to other parts of the body. Always seek doctor’s advice on such situation and do periodical check up to check the fitness of the patient and the healing of the wound.

There are two popular tummy tuck techniques one is complete tummy tuck technique and other is reverse tummy tuck technique. The complete tummy tuck technique is usually performed for patients who have reduced the weight drastically and led to the sagging of skin. In this the entire excess skin that protrudes from the body is removed and stitched to remove the wrinkles. This will create a scar or mark at the abdomen permanently. Since it is a complicated process the doctors must examine the patient’s immunity strength to recover after the procedure. This will avoid any medical complications and it is the duty of the patients to disclose all the information about their medical health and surgeries performed earlier.

Tummy Tuck – recovery

Reverse tummy tuck technique is done to women who have undergone breast reduction or breast lift operation. It is a part of the breast reduction procedure and it is dome to tighten the skin and remove the excess fat at the upper abdomen region. The recovery period varies depending on the individual’s immune capacity and the type tummy tuck technique performed. Mini tummy tucks and endoscopic tummy tuck technique has recovery period of one or two days. But full tummy tuck technique and complete technique requires a recovery period of ten days and it needs complete medical supervision to test the patient’s medical health to avoid side effects.

Tummy tuck – conclusion

Before undertaking tummy tuck surgery, it is necessary to prepare yourself and your body medically fit for the surgery. Some important points to be kept in mind before the surgery is quit smoking one month before the surgery, proper diet avoid foods that is rich in fats and consume foods rich in fiber content. Next it is recommended to do proper exercises to increase the metabolic activity and build up the muscles to avoid gaining weight post surgery recovery period.

It is necessary to recollect all the medical problems that the patients had in their life and must report to the doctor. It makes the surgery easy to be performed and avoid any medical complications after a tummy tuck surgery.