Tummy Tuck Risks – Accepting The New Normal

Tummy Tuck risks are mainly associated to the complexity of surgery

Abdominoplasty, or as it is more commonly known as, Tummy tuck, is a branch of Cosmetic Surgery that deals with the reduction of fat from the abdomen area. It is a very complex procedure and takes a considerable amount of time and has to be done with utmost care and precision. Losing excess fat from the tummy is not an easy job, and the possibility of risks is always there. These tummy tuck risks are minimal in nature and occur very rarely. Despite of being one of the most complicated branches of Corrective cosmetic surgery, the side effects of it are not many.

Tummy Tuck risks – Minor

tummy tuck risksLike with all other similar procedures, anesthesia is used for tummy tuck as well. Many people are allergic to anesthesia and can hence show reactions; however it is inevitable as anesthesia or any other numbing agent has to be used before performing the surgery. This is not necessarily a tummy tuck risk. Even though local anesthesia is not supposed to be dangerous like general anesthesia but sometimes it brings out very violent reactions from the patients. Often after the surgery is done, the tummy region starts to bleed internally and the blood gets collected within the body in small pocket due to some error that might have occurred during the surgery. This condition is called hematoma and is one of the known tummy tuck risks. Under these circumstances, the only option that remains is to operate again and solve the discrepancy for which the bleeding had occurred at the first place. Infections are also common after the procedure, along with the a feel of senselessness around the tummy region. This feeling is generally temporary; however very rarely it might get permanent too.

Tummy Tuck Risks – Major

In a tummy tuck procedure, doctors need to remove a large amount of fat. The amount increases with the obesity of the patients. The problem lies in the fact that along with the excessive fat, quite a large sum of tissues and skin portion has to be surgically removed too. While sealing the tummy region, if errors occur it might lead to a certain condition called necrosis. In this situation the supply of blood to a part of the tummy is obstructed. Hence complications can occur. Necrosis leads to the secretion of a fluid from the incision; this fluid is pale orange in color. Doctors often say that a mild secretion of this fluid is good for the recovery procedure after the surgery. However if the amount of secretion is huge,  with a greenish tinge to it and is accompanied by very bad odor, then it becomes a point of concern. This secretion procedure is termed as drainage. Sometimes the flow of blood through the veins is obstructed; this condition is generally termed as Thromboemboli, and occurs if any external substance enters the blood stream.

Tummy tuck risks – precautions to be takentummy tuck risks

Cosmetic surgeries are often followed by bruises and scars, Patents must avoid tampering with them as they lead to infection. Physical exercise should be minimal for at least a week after the surgery; however it should not be absent. Some physical exercises, as prescribed by the doctor must be done regularly and their intensity musty be gradually increased after two weeks.

Consulting a doctor

Those who are interested in undergoing this procedure must make sure to consult an expert before going through the knife. They must be fully aware, whether they can undergo this surgery or not and should also have the knowledge about the consequences and side effects that are involved.  The doctors should be provided with the medical history of the patient to avoid any sort of complication or tummy tuck risks in the later stages.