What to do with breast implants gone wrong?

Breast implants gone wrong is becoming an increasing trend now. The objective of any breast implant surgery is to enhance the look of the breasts and in a way increase the self confidence of the person.

breast implants gone wrong

However, not all breast implant procedures deliver encouraging results. There are times when surgeries can go wrong leading to patient dissatisfaction. The reasons could be many – right from unforseen circumstances on one extreme to botched up surgeries due to inefficiencies of the surgeon and staff  on the other. There are also cases when accidents and other factors lead to complications with breats implants. In any case, the patient is at the receiving end despite the time, effort and physical torture. In fact, some of these cases can lead to trauma and depression.  

Lets factor what could happen in cases of breast implants gone wrong:

  • Wrong size implants
  • Implants placed in the wrong place looking like a double bubble – most common case of a breast implant gone wrong
  • Rupture of Implants – this can be due to accidents, needles, and other physical events
  • Total loss of sensation of breasts
  • Capsular contracture – the tissue around the implant takes a different shape
  • Back ache due to large implants
  • Losing shape of breasts due to bad insertion
  • Infections after breast implant surgery

Ever wonder what to do with breast implants gone wrong?

  • Check with your cosmetic surgeon immediately
  • Take consultation around correction procedures
  • If it is the result of a botched surgery due to surgeon’s fault, look for legal recourse
  • If the implants have ruptured, check with the implant manufacture for lifetime replacement. For example: Mentor has a 10-year guarantee to replace implants and defray some surgical fees; Allergan’s warranty includes lifetime implant replacement and up to $1,200 for fees for the first 10 years.
  • While you do all this, make sure a second surgery is advisable as this depends on teh individuals health and circumstances.


Additional quotes from around the web for breast implants gone wrong

 This article is from nytimes – Do My Breast Implants Have a Warranty?

“Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and breast implantation is not necessarily a one-time surgery,” reads a warning in much smaller type on the back of the advertisement. Indeed, whether women initially underwent implant surgery for cosmetic reasons or for reconstruction after breast cancer, roughly one third of patients in clinical trials had a second operation within four to five years, according to statistical tables in the ad.

…..But with such high rates of reoperation, a new debate is emerging over whether breast implants constitute the kind of annuity medicine that will entail regular surgical tuneups, exposing patients to increased medical risk and out-of-pocket expenses. At a time when manufacturers have provided the F.D.A. with clinical studies that follow patients for just a few years, there is no established medical consensus on how long implants last, leaving doctors to rely on their anecdotal experiences when discussing durability with patients.


Here is another one talking about improper planning …

Breast implants are not guaranteed for life. In fact, most manufacturers only offer a 10-year warranty for their breast implants. Unfortunately, many women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery do not think about the probability that they will have to undergo breast implant revision surgery at some point in their life.


And last but not the least, here is a must watch video on breast implants gone wrong as teh patient opted for a cheaper option without thorough investigation.

All said and done, its better to prepare to face the situation of breast implants gone wrong and set aside some money for additional surgery. This is like any contingency fund but is often ignored during the consultation process both by the surgeon and the breast implant patient.