Who should go for Botox treatment and who should not

Even though botox treatment has negligible side effects it can bring some allergic effects or infections. Chemicals and other antibiotics used in other medicines can also react with botox that can cause unexpected results. So the patient should stop taking other medicines while going for a botox treatment. This is not a very common issue but a few can experience such problems. In such cases choosing an alternative treatment method will serve the purpose. 

Some of the alternative methods include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Face lift, forehead lift and dermal fillers like collagen, radiance, juvederm comes under surgical procedures. Most popular and widely accepted laser treatment and thermage comes under non surgical cosmetic treatment procedures. By choosing a qualified surgeon who is experienced in botox treatments, we can avoid complications such as injuries and redness in treated areas. 

Botox treatment and pregnancy

Owing to the popularity of the Botox treatment and its affordability it is preferred by all. But doctors advice that Botox injections should not be administered to pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. The major reason is that the effects of Botox on the unborn child remain unknown. And lactating mothers may transmit the Botox to their child which might cause harmful side effects. The major reason for such discrepancy is that none of the mothers are ready to test the injection on their new born or unborn ones. On other reason stated by the doctors for not using Botox during pregnancy is the body already stores water in their body which weakens the skin naturally and keeps the pregnant lady glowing during such period.

Botox treatment and side effects

There is a possibility of spreading of Botox fluid to different parts of the body rather than remaining at the spot where the wrinkles has to be reduced. This can result in some serious side effects like breathing problems, swelling of muscles, vocal stiffness and impact on the vision. All these make it impossible to administer during the pregnancy period. Some other common side effects that are visible are red spots found on the faces of the patients due to the continuous use of Botox injections. These side effects are usually temporary and it may persist from few weeks to months. Some common symptoms include head ache, nausea, drooping of muscles, respiratory difficulties.

Botox treatment: Botox has found its place in treating the wrinkles at the lips, forehead, prostrate glands and the eye brows. It is also effective against muscular spasms a kind muscle stiffness. The Botox will relax the tighten muscles and ease the patient from the pain. Treatment of enlarged prostate glands is the recent development in Botox injection treatment.

Benefits of botox treatment: There are several benefits associated with botox treatment compared to other surgical procedures. The treatment cost is very less; for instance, performing a botox treatment for reducing wrinkles will not cost more than $300. In a regular cosmetic surgery you need to wait for the first surgery to recover before undergoing additional treatments. But in a botox treatment you can treat multiple areas in a single treatment. Another important advantage in doing a botox treatment is the recovery time. Other surgical methods will take months to recover leaving scars. Removing this scar after surgery may need another surgery and this can be avoided by having a botox treatment.