Why breast augmentation recovery time can be challenging

Breast augmentation recovery time factors

Breast augmentation recovery time depends on many factors. This surgery done in order to enhance the breast size and shape is a surgical procedure and it requires adequate recovery time to get settled. It is recommended that one must have adequate rest and follow the instructions of your surgeon to have a comfortable and quicker recovery from breast augmentation surgery. This surgery is carried out under the administration of anesthesia so you are expected to feel dizzy and tired soon after the surgical procedure. Any breast augmentation recovery time also depends on the type of breast implant one wants. In case you experience any pain after the surgery you must consult the surgeon and have some pain killers to relieve the pain.

breast augmentation recovery time
Breast augmentation recovery time

Breast augmentation recovery time – Recovery stages

During the initial days of recovery after the breast implant surgery it is common to experience dizziness and pain in breast – this is expected during breast augmentation  recovery time for most patients. You would be administered proper medication by your surgeon during the recovery period. The most important thing to do while recovering from the surgery is to have proper rest. Involving in activities resulting in physical movement or stress may slower your recovery process and can also cause pain. This is the reason why proper rest is recommended during the initial recovery period after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery. It is also better to have ice bags on your breasts to speed up the recovery and reduce the pain. There will be bruises on your breasts after the surgery for some time but these will fade off during the course of recovery and with proper medication. There will be a loss of sensitivity on the region around your breast during the first few days after the surgery and it will be normal after few days.

During the breast augmentation recovery time one must also be careful not to disturb the incisions and this portion must be kept dry to heal fast. Due to the incisions made during the surgery there are chances of infection so it is advised to have the antibiotics properly as prescribed by the doctor. Most breast augmentation surgery requires use of drains which are small plastic tubes to drain out excessive fluids. These are mostly removed after the first week of the proposed breast augmentation recovery time. In most cases  observed for breast augmentation surgery recovery time, dressings are removed and replaced with surgical bra for quick healing. One must observe the area of surgery carefully during the recovery period and if there is any sudden swelling or pain then you must consult your doctor immediately for a checkup.

Breast augmentation recovery time – sleeping challenges

The process of sleeping becomes a concern during the breast augmentation recovery time because you are falways forced to sleep on your back. You must be careful not to apply pressure on your breast by sleeping with your breasts facing the bed. It is also important to not have a shower until the incisions have healed properly and also till all the stitches are removed. In effect, any breast augmentation recovery time must be carefully handled to make sure that you recover faster and in a comfortable way. Following the instructions of your surgeon is very important during this period and so is having the medications on time. However, one has to ensure following instructions of the surgeon to minimize the chances of side effects during breast augmentation recovery time irrespective of the type of breast augmentation method used.