Why Breast lift with augmentation can save you money

Breast lift with augmentation – two birds with one blow

Breast lift with augmentation
Breast lift with augmentation

Breast lift with augmentation can be the solution you are looking for! Aging is a natural phenomenon which can bring several discomforts both physically and mentally. But advancement in the technology especially in the field of medicine and surgery has made people to think beyond their limitations. Women prefer to remain young to the maximum and try out new procedures to make them feel young. Breast lift with augmentation is one of the cosmetic surgical methods done by women to treat several issues in a single surgery.

Breast lift surgery is termed as a correction procedure for the sagging breasts. But the fact remains that breast lift surgery can only treat sagging breasts so to achieve the right proportion and perfect size women will have to undergo an additional breast augmentation  surgery. This can be eliminated by opting for a breast lift with augmentation. To determine whether there is a need for breast lift with augmentation surgery for a particular woman can be determined only by the plastic surgeon. It is necessary to identify what kind of plastic surgery needs to be done else it might lead to further complications.

Medical conditions for breast lift with augmentation

Every woman wants to keep them pretty in their external appearance, so they would like to correct the sagging breasts. Such sagging is caused due to aging, childbirth, weight loss or genetic problems. This surgery is high need among the women since they feel confident and young in their appearance and heart. In case you note the following conditions in you, you are the people who are apt for breast lift surgery. For example sagging of breasts, elongation of breasts, nipples falls below the crease, presence of stretch marks or one side is not in align with the other.

Breast lift with augmentation – Treatment of sagging breasts

The reason for sagging of breasts is the skin gets looses when the breast tissue elongates or decreases due to aging of breast feed to babies. This problem can be effectively handled by breast implant or breast lift with augmentation surgery. The loosening of skin is addressed by breast lift and the fullness of breast is corrected by breast augmentation. The breast augmentation is performed at the same time of breast lift. The implant fills the extra skin and the fullness is due to the round shaped implants placed inside.

Recovery and treatment

Since it involves making incisions in the breasts to place the implants, bandages and dressings will be present after the procedure. A support bandage or bra must be worn by the patients to minimize the swelling. The healing process will take 7 to 10 days. To avoid clogging of fluids or blood and also remove a small thin tube is placed temporarily under the skin.

Post surgery the surgeon will instruct you on the medications and procedure to take of your breasts. Such instructions must be followed strictly to avoid infections and reduce further medical complications. Make periodic check up or follow up with the surgeon until you have completely recovered from the surgery. The patients must get clear of the post surgical recovery procedures. They must be aware of recovery period, when the dressings has to be removed, in case of bleeding what is the first aid options, when the stitches has to be removed. This will greatly help the patients and increase the success rate of the breast lift with augmentation surgery.