Why teardrop breast implants are losing out

Teardrop breast implants – popularity

Teardrop breast implants have gained popularity as a breast implant option in the past few years. Surgeons and manufacturers have often claimed that these types of implants help in providing a natural look and shape to the breasts and that it shies away from showing signs of an artificial breast implant. However it is necessary to look at what these manufacturers and surgeons claim and get an insight into the reality of these claims about teardrop breast implants. The objective of this article is to look at these very insights and try and prepare the reader with as much information possible before they decide to go for teardrop breast implants.

Teardrop breast implantsIf you’re not aware of the reality of these implants then while you spend money to cover your breast augmentation cost, the final result could well be a disaster and the opposite of your expectations.

Teardrop breast implants – the origin

Before we take the plunge it is important to understand what teardrop breast implants are. Teardrop breast implants are the implants where the top is a bit pointed whereas the bottom is more rounded so that the overall look of the breast implant appears to be rounded in shape. This is to conform to the natural shape of breasts. These types of breast implants have been around in the market since the early 1950s and 60s. There has been a lot of technology advancement since then both in terms of the material, shape, design and the filling used for creating these implants. For example the teardrop breast implants available today include better quality gel, the surfaces are textured and more natural looking in shape than what it used to be in the early 1950s and 60s.

That being said, one needs to understand that the risks associated with teardrop breast implants have not really changed. They have definitely declined over a period of time and effectiveness has improved. Today surgeons have a better view of what could possibly go wrong in the case of teardrop breast implants, however, they have not been able to completely eradicate it. One of the common known risk is flipping -this means that the rounded bottom could turn sideways or change direction within the breast after the surgery is performed. This could lead to abnormal looking and disfigured breasts as the implants have flipped or changed position. This is not really specified as a medical risk. However, from the client’s perspective, the original objective of having good looking breasts is not met. Further, this may require yet another surgery to get it back to its original position. These possibilities need to be considered in detail while consulting the cosmetic surgeon.

Another point to note is when the teardrop shaped as well as around implants are filled with a material called vicious silicone gel.  This gel is neither solid nor liquid. The idea is to actually provide an advantage to the woman wearing this type of implants as it tends to take the shape of the positions that the woman may be in – sitting or standing, rather than having a solid implant inside the breasts which would not have the capacity to change shape in these cases and would look odd. The idea is to take advantage of gravity and yet provide the natural look in these cases.

Talking about shape there is one problem with the sleeping position though. When a woman lies down (sleeping position), the implants retain the shape of the teardrop in this position. However a teardrop shape in a sleeping position looks quite unnatural. In such positions the shape of the breasts  should actually be rounded, however, the tear drop shape of the implants actually prevent it from taking the rounded shape in a sleeping position. This specific problem can be eliminated by opting for a round shaped implants.

One must also understand and evaluate the availability and popularity. Availability of a particular shape of breast implant depends on the popularity and thereby adaptability (or the other way round) by more women for particular shapes of breast implants. From a geography perspective, round shaped breast implants are known to be quite popular in the Americas while the United Kingdom and Europe have shown preference for teardrop implants. Now this could be either because the teardrop implants are more preferred in the UK or because manufacturers have been able to get more market acceptance for teardrop breast implants in the UK.

In terms of technology advancement, one can say that round implants have lesser disadvantages when compared to teardrop implants. In the case of round implants, all those problems of having a particular shape in a particular position in the case of teardrop breast implants are eliminated. Also in the case of round implants, the vicious gel does not have the problem of taking either teardrop or round shape because that choice or option is not available. However, in the case of round implants, it is easier as the shape is almost all the times circular.

Teardrop breast implants – will it prevail

While the acceptance of teardrop breast implants is evident in the UK, it is still not gaining preference in the other parts of the world. And the reason behind this could be that the teardrop breast implant loses out to the round shaped breast implant in the case of taking a larger and fuller shape most times. While the teardrop breast implant provides advantage of showing the breasts in a natural position, it also has its disadvantages as mentioned earlier, in the case of lying down – it is due to this aspect that the round shape breast implants have been preferred over teardrop breast implants.